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The iPad Goes International

'I wanted to touch it as soon as possible!'

(Newser) - Some 1,200 people waited in a half-mile-long line outside Apple's flagship store in Tokyo this morning in anticipation of the international iPad launch. "I wanted to touch it as soon as possible. I felt real excitement when it was finally in my hands," one man tells Reuters... More »

iPhones Sales May Hit 500K

First-weekend sales look like they'll double earlier estimates

(Newser) - First-weekend sales of Apple's much-anticipated iPhone may even beat the hype, reaching 500,000, according to one expert who earlier forecast  sales in the 200,000 range. In some locations, 50 cashiers were processing over 1000 iPhones an hour, reports CNNMoney.  Apple has set a goal of selling 10... More »

Apple Courts Studios for Rental Rights

At $3 a pop, 30-day movie loans will pit computer giant against cable, satellite

(Newser) - Apple is buttering up top movie studios as it prepares to launch a video-on-demand service to contend with cable and satellite companies. Apple plans to offer each movie as a 30-day rental for $2.99, and it's telling studios the term of lease means they won't take a hit on... More »

iPhone Rings High Note for Apple

Smartphone may surpass hype, drive stock up to $160

(Newser) - With buzz over Apple's new iPhone vibrating on high, investors are betting that Apple's stock—which has doubled in the past year to $122 per share—will climb to upwards of $160. The iPhone hits stores June 29, and is set to achieve Apple's once far-fetched goal of selling 10... More »

iPhone Hits Stores June 29

Mac will release feverishly anticipated super-gadget—but will the hype ring hollow?

(Newser) - The wait will be over for millions of tech groupies on June 29—when the iPhone, the highly anticipated device that merges web browsing, music playing, and telephoning, will hit Apple and AT&T stores worldwide. But the hype over what some call "the God machine" has already reached... More »

Apple: America's Best Retailer

Steve Jobs Motto: "Ambush the Customer"

(Newser) - Jerry Useem summarizes Apple’s unlikely rise as a retailer for Fortune. With sales at its New York store running a staggering $4,000 per square foot (50% higher than Tiffany’s), Apple is the best retailer in America.  More »

6 Stories