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Barr Set for Libertarians

Ex-Republican nabs nomination, names running mate

(Newser) - Bob Barr won the Libertarian nomination yesterday, beating scientist Mary Ruwart 324-276 after six rounds of voting. The former GOP congressman from Georgia then swiftly named fifth-round dropout Wayne Allyn Root as his vice-presidential choice. Former Democratic candidate Mike Gravel, meanwhile, dropped out in the fourth round. More »

Mike Gravel Woos Obama Girl

Quirky Libertarian hits YouTube, but can't win her away from Barack

(Newser) - The quirkiest presidential candidate has found a new platform—a drop-dead funny video spot with Web fave Obama Girl, writes AOL blogger Liza Porteus Viana. Libertarian Mike Gravel does the Soulja Boy dance in an attempt to sway the famous Barack booster. “You should drop your crush on Obama,... More »

Barr Considers Libertarian Bid for White House

Ex-GOP rep launches exploratory committee for 2008 race

(Newser) - With only seven months left in the presidential race, Republican-turned-Libertarian Bob Barr is considering tossing his hat belatedly into the ring, the Hill reports. The ex-congressman said it was up to the Libertarians to give the American people a "real choice." "They deserve better than the choices... More »

Obama Plays Himself on SNL

Ripping off mask at Hillary Halloween party: 'I have nothing to hide. I enjoy being myself."

(Newser) - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama turned up the heat on frontrunner Hillary Clinton last night on "Saturday Night Live" when he appeared in the opening sketch—a Halloween party thrown by a faux Bill and Hillary and attended by faux Democratic candidates—as himself.  Everyone was in costume,... More »

Dems Stonewall on Pullout Deadline

Obama, Edwards, Clinton won't guarantee withdrawal by 2013

(Newser) - None of the three leading Democratic White House contenders were willing last night to guarantee that they would get US troops out of Iraq by 2013. During a Democratic debate at Dartmouth College, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards—who all support a timetable for troop withdrawal—each declined... More »

Dems Fret Over School Ruling

Howard U. debate concentrates on race

(Newser) - The Supreme Court decision limiting the role of race in public-school assignments was the talk of the town yesterday—even at the Democratic debate. The agenda at historically black Howard University was minority issues, and although attention naturally fell on Barack Obama, his seven competitors also had their moments in... More »

6 Stories