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'Palin Paradox': Male-Heavy Districts Elect Women

Congresswomen flourish in areas with skewed gender ratios

(Newser) - Alaska is reliant on male-dominated industries like mining and fishing, and the state has 106 men for every 100 women—the most gender-skewed state in the country, where the overall ratio is 86:100. Yet Alaska is one of just five states with an elected female governor, and one of... More »

Boys Outnumber Girls in China by 32M

Sex ratio poses looming security concerns

(Newser) - China's one-child policy has left the nation with 32 million more boys than girls under the age of 20, a new study says. The greatest imbalance is among kids ages 1 to 4, which likely means bigger problems down the road, the New York Times reports. Researchers said China could... More »

Fewer Sons Born Close to Sun

New study finds more girls born closer to equator

(Newser) - Women who live near the equator are more likely to give birth to baby girls than boys, the Independent reports. A new study has found a small but significant shift in gender ratios depending on latitude, with males comprising 51.1% of tropical births; the global sex ratio is 51.... More »

Norway Shatters Its Glass Ceiling

Nation requires 40% of big companies' boards to be female

(Newser) - A state-mandated shattering of Norway's glass ceiling is drastically changing gender balance in boardrooms there—and not without some resistance, the Guardian reports. A law that 40% of non-executive board directorships at larger firms must go to women went into effect Feb. 22—and though a dozen Norwegian companies failed... More »

India Will Pay Families for Daughters

Incentives for raising girls aim to correct skewed sex ratio

(Newser) - India will start handing out cash to families in return for raising daughters, reports AFP. The culture's preference for sons results in sex-selection abortions, which are illegal but have skewed the country's sex ratio. Poor families with girls in states with the worst sex ratios will receive a series of... More »

5 Stories