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How Much Does the Internet Weigh?

As much as a strawberry ... or just one grain of sand

(Newser) - How much does the Internet weigh? No, it's not a Zen koan. The answer is about 1.8 ounces, around the same as a single strawberry, reports the Telegraph . How did anyone figure this out? Well, the Internet runs on electricity, and electrons have a tiny amount of weight—... More »

US, Russia Clash Over Cyber-Security

Countries dueling plans could prompt new arms race

(Newser) - The cold war may be going digital, the New York Times reports, as the US and Russia clash over how to combat attacks in cyberspace. Washington has dismissed Moscow’s call for an international treaty, preferring to promote cross-border cooperation in hunting down hackers. “We really believe it’s... More »

Sexting Pics Live Forever, Teens Warned

Stalkers, potential employers may have access to photos years later

(Newser) - The critical problem with sexting is that salacious snaps teens send of themselves from their cell phones can exist forever in cyberspace. That's the message Australian authorities are stressing in a new educational anti-sexting campaign. Nude pictures sent in fun could end up being posted on the Internet by sexual... More »

Pentagon Ponders Cyberspace Offensives

Electronic attacks on Georgia add impetus to military's cyberwarfare efforts

(Newser) - US military commanders, hoping to add a page to their offensive capabilities, are pushing for the development of strategies that will allow them to assault and control an enemy’s cyberspace, the Los Angeles Times reports. An aggressive cyber-campaign could allow the Pentagon to disrupt a foe’s command-and-control center,... More »

Tips for Candidates on Cyber Security

Next president must find right balance of regulation for internet safegaurds

(Newser) - Noting that both candidates have plans to ensure our collective cyber security, Bruce Schneier, in Wired, lays out some essential policy advice for the next president:
  • Use the government’s enormous purchasing power to make security software producers do better. Make security requirements for government software high, and those improvements
... More »

US General: China Is Hacking Us

Commander follows up on report that China has denied

(Newser) - Following up on a Pentagon report, a US commander said today that Chinese hackers increasingly target American military networks, the Wall Street Journal reports. Kevin Chilton, the general in charge of cyberspace, fell short of accusing Beijing but said, "You can kind of connect the dots." China has... More »

China's Military Boost Angers US

Beijing eyes space, cyberspace and Taiwan

(Newser) - The US and China are clashing over Beijing's increasing defense expenditures, its posture toward Taiwan and its threat to US space hardware, reports the BBC. Beijing officials say they plan to up defense spending by 18% to $59 billion—but a Pentagon report claims the true amount of Chinese military... More »

Kremlin May Forge a Separate 2.0 Peace

Moscow mulling the creation of a Russian-only computer network

(Newser) - The Kremlin is going 2.0 by extending its reach into cyberspace, where dissidents have found refuge from the government’s tight censorship. While Putin allies mount pro-government websites and snatch up existing independent outlets, Moscow is considering the creation of a separate Russian network. “The attractiveness of the... More »

Gabbers Can Make (Mostly) Free Calls With New Gadgets

Each connects home phones to the 'Net

(Newser) - Gabbers have a couple of new options if they want to use the 'Net to make free (or cheaper) phone calls. Each is a box that connects to a home phone and a computer to route calls through cyberspace. One is a modest and low-cost, the other a chic machine... More »

9 Stories