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New White House Counsel Scares GOP, Other Lawyers

Bauer is a skilled, controversial Democratic veteran

(Newser) - Robert Bauer, the new White House counsel, is a longtime Democratic operative known for his hard-nosed style and work ethic. He is a veteran of the Clinton impeachment proceedings and represented House Democrats during the Bush years, where he was known for his aggressive strategy—he went as far as... More »

White House Counsel Craig Stepping Down

He's taken flak over Guantanamo Bay policy

(Newser) - White House counsel Gregory Craig is expected to resign as early as Friday, reports the Washington Post. Craig has taken much heat over the clumsy handling of the Guantanamo Bay closure, and his resignation isn't a huge surprise. It's still the highest-level departure in the Obama administration. He will be... More »

Accusations Fly During Texas Two-Step Tussle

Obama lawyer hijacks Clinton camp's 'dirty tricks' conference call

(Newser) - The two-step voting process in Texas caused Democratic tempers to flare last night, the Washington Post reports. Both sides accused each other of trying to hijack the evening caucus which followed the day's primary vote. The Clinton campaign held a  conference call with reporters to level some dirty-tricks accusations at... More »

3 Stories