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Student Freed by N. Korea Is Reportedly in a Coma

Otto Warmbier is on way back to US

(Newser) - North Korea on Tuesday freed a US college student it has held for more than a year, but the good news is tempered by a report that Otto Warmbier is in a coma. His parents spoke to the Washington Post about his medical condition, saying they were told by North... More »

Sent to Prison as a Kid, Asking for Mercy as an Adult

Edwin Debrow's story highlights complex task of dealing with violent juvenile criminals

(Newser) - In a maximum-security prison in Beeville, Texas, 37-year-old Edwin Debrow often dreams about running in the grass—like he was able to do before 1991, the year he turned 12 and shot and killed a cabbie named Curtis Edwards. Skip Hollandsworth dives into Debrow's story for Texas Monthly , noting... More »

40+ Years in Solitary: 'Ask Me in 20 Years' How Freedom Feels

Albert Woodfox of 'Angola 3' was in isolation more than any other inmate in US history

(Newser) - Albert Woodfox, the last of the famous "Angola Three," was released from prison last February after pleading no contest to manslaughter in the 1972 killing of prison guard Brent Miller. In a piece for the New Yorker , Rachel Aviv offers some insight into the "reserved" and "... More »

Freed Gitmo Prisoner Refuses to Leave

Lawyer says Yemeni man is too 'frightened' to leave the familiarity of Guantanamo

(Newser) - A Guantanamo Bay inmate who remained in the prison for nearly 14 years finally had his shot at freedom this week—and he turned it down. While two other Gitmo prisoners boarded a plane out of Cuba Wednesday morning, Yemen native Mohammed Ali Abdullah Bwazir—who Fox News says is... More »

N. Korea Arrests US Student on 'Party Tour'

Otto Frederick Warmbier was arrested Jan. 2 on a tourist trip

(Newser) - North Korea says it has detained an American student from the University of Virginia who visited the country as part of a "New Year's Party Tour." A rep for Chinese travel company Young Pioneer Tours says undergraduate commerce student Otto Frederick Warmbier, 21, was arrested at Pyongyang... More »

North Korea: We've Got a US Prisoner

Man IDed as Kim Dong Chul tells CNN he spied on North for the South

(Newser) - "I'm asking the US or South Korean government to rescue me," was the plea of the man "frogmarched" into a Pyongyang hotel room in front of a CNN reporter. That man said his name is Kim Dong Chul and that he's a naturalized American citizen... More »

Family: Prison System Killed Mom Who Warned of Abuse

They accuse Florida of ignoring inhumane conditions

(Newser) - Florida inmate Latandra Ellington was dead 10 days after she warned that a guard threatened to kill her , and family members say the state is to blame. They've filed a lawsuit alleging that the 36-year-old mother of four was beaten and didn't receive proper medical treatment before her... More »

China Police Free Factory Slave After 18 Years

They say 34-year-old man was kept locked up, forced to work

(Newser) - Police in China's Guangdong province say they have a freed a 34-year-old man who had been forced to work as a factory slave for 18 years, reports the South China Morning Post . Xie Shisheng was gaunt, terrified of leaving his locked room, and unsure about what year it was,... More »

'I'm Afraid,' Says American Jailed in Yemen

Sharif Mobley, once suspected of al-Qaeda ties, makes rare call home in plea

(Newser) - The confusing story of Sharif Mobley just took a desperate-sounding turn. The 31-year-old father of three, held prisoner in Yemen since 2010, placed a "rare call" to his lawyers this week from what he said was a Sanaa military base, and things don't sound good, the Intercept reports.... More »

Va. Manhunt Ends After 9 Hours—on DC Bus

Wossen Assaye was described as 'dangerous' after fleeing Fairfax hospital

(Newser) - Police have nabbed the prisoner who broke out of a hospital in northern Virginia this morning, barefoot and clad only in a hospital gown, after a nine-hour manhunt that put Inova Fairfax Hospital on lockdown. Wossen Assaye was apprehended near DC's Pennsylvania Avenue, reports NBC Washington, and the man... More »

Wife: American Held 5 Years in Cuba Is 'Wasting Away'

She calls on Obama to secure Alan Gross' release

(Newser) - As of today, American Alan Gross has been in a Cuban prison for five years, Reuters reports, and his wife is calling on President Obama to bring him back before it's "too late." "I am afraid that we are at the end," says Judy Gross.... More »

Charles Manson, 80, Gets a Marriage License

Manson, still in prison, has 26-year-old fiancée

(Newser) - Charles Manson may be an 80-year-old mass murderer serving life in prison, but somebody loves him—and that somebody plans to marry the guy, the AP reports. Manson and Afton Burton, a 26-year-old Midwesterner who goes by "Star," have a marriage license that's valid for the next... More »

Inmate Writes 'Chilling' Letter, Ends Up Dead

Latandra Ellington was 7 months from being released

(Newser) - The family of a Florida prison inmate who died after writing a "chilling letter" about life behind bars is seeking a federal investigation into her death, the Miami Herald reports. On Sept. 21, Latandra Ellington wrote her aunt about prison officer "Sgt. Q" who, she says, threatened to... More »

Here's Why Bergdahl Actually Wasn't a Deserter

He was never classified as such, having been captured so quickly

(Newser) - When is a solider a deserter? Critics have accused Bowe Bergdahl of being one ; there's even a petition to the White House calling for his punishment and a popular “Bowe Bergdahl is NOT a Hero!” Facebook page. But the Idaho Statesman pointed out on Saturday that Bergdahl... More »

No One Intervened as Ky. Inmate Starved to Death

Prison doctor has been fired, criminal investigation opened

(Newser) - A 57-year-old Kentucky inmate is dead after going on a five-week hunger strike, dropping 50 pounds between September and his death in January. A prison doctor was fired and two other staffers are in the process of being dismissed over the death of James Kenneth Embry, 57, found dead in... More »

Prisoner Escapes... So He Can Go to Dentist

Then turns himself back in, goes back to jail

(Newser) - A Swedish prisoner managed to escape the minimum-security facility where he was being held, but rather than head for the hills, he went to ... the dentist. He had asked for medical care but had not received it, he claims. "My whole face was swollen. I just couldn't stand... More »

Guy Dies in Jail Cell After Guards Ignore His Allergies

Michael Saffioti, 22, jailed on minor marijuana charge

(Newser) - Michael Saffioti was in Washington's Snohomish County Jail on a minor marijuana possession charge—the 22-year-old had actually turned himself in. But he paid an enormous price: He had severe dairy allergies, and died after apparently being served oatmeal containing dairy. The guards allegedly accused Saffioti of "faking"... More »

70-Year-Old Escapee Caught After 36 Years

California inmate was living under new name in Arkansas

(Newser) - Had he stayed put in state prison after being convicted of armed robbery in 1973, Michael Morrow would likely be a free man by now. Instead, the 70-year-old is back behind bars after 36 years as a fugitive, reports the OC Weekly . Morrow escaped from the California prison at Chino... More »

Detroit Inmate Flees After Stabbing Cop

Carjacked van found; man still on loose

(Newser) - A Detroit inmate is on the run after stabbing a cop and holding another deputy briefly hostage, the Detroit Free Press reports. The inmate fled the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice Courthouse, where the attack occurred, Fox 2 and ABC 7 report. The man, identified as Derek White, 25, stole... More »

Prisoner: I'm Still Out to Kill Justin Bieber

Dana Martin: 'It's still on ... this isn't going away'

(Newser) - Remember the bizarre murder plot against Justin Bieber that was masterminded from a prison cell? Well, the convict behind it now tells his side of the story, Huffington Post reports. Dana Martin—who has a Bieber tattoo—tells Details that he still has assassins on the case: "It's... More »

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