underage drinking

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Have a 9-Year-Old? Time for the Booze Talk

That's when kids begin to have positive thoughts about alcohol

(Newser) - Parents should talk to kids about alcohol early—before the age of 10—according to new guidelines in the journal Pediatrics. The American Academy of Pediatrics says kids begin to have positive thoughts about alcohol as early as age 9, thanks to ads everywhere from buses to movies. "The... More »

Parents Charged After Teen's Post-Party DWI Death

He had attended wedding, tried to drive home drunk

(Newser) - It's not unusual for a fatal DWI crash to result in a trial, but this one has nothing to do with the driver. A couple in Raleigh is charged after an 18-year-old left a party at their home and slammed his car into a tree, reports WRAL . Jonathan Taylor... More »

Underage Teen Avoids Ticket via Rock, Paper, Scissors

Officer threw scissors, is now in hot water

(Newser) - Call it justice, Texas-style. An alleged underage drinker at a College Station music festival got herself out of trouble by beating an officer in a game of rock, paper, scissors. The encounter was captured in a Vine that opens with "you're free to go," suggesting that what... More »

Ted Cruz's Criminal Past: Underage Beer Possession

He was ticketed while a high school senior

(Newser) - Ted Cruz's 2016 chances are looking good if this is the best dirt anyone can dig up on him: The GOP's new chairman of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Science, Space, and Competitiveness was apparently a member of the Beer Run Subcommittee in high school, according to public... More »

Maryland AG Caught at Wild Teen Party

Did we mention Gansler has railed against teen drinking?

(Newser) - Well, this is awkward: Maryland's attorney general, who has gone so far as to film a public service announcement against underage drinking and who is also currently running for governor, was at a wild-looking teenage party in June. The Baltimore Sun broke the news this week, running a photo... More »

Rand Paul's Son Arrested at Airport

Police: 19-year-old was drunk, disorderly on Saturday morning

(Newser) - The 19-year-old son of Sen. Rand Paul and grandson of Ron Paul was arrested on Saturday morning for disorderly conduct, underage drinking, and public intoxication at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the Charlotte Observer reports. Police suspect William Hilton Paul, 19, had been served alcohol on his flight from Lexington,... More »

Shadowy 'Chinese Guy' Runs Deadly Fake ID Market

IDs out of China so good they can beat scanners

(Newser) - Terrorist threats and illegal immigration have spurred the advent of hologram- and bar code-adorned forms of identification, but getting fake IDs good enough to fool the system has never been easier, reports the Washington Post . The main customers of the fake ID merchants are underage drinkers—who also often drive,... More »

Teen Dies After Night Drinking With Dad, Stepmom

Drug-addicted teen lost consciousness; couple charged

(Newser) - A New Mexico father and stepmother who got drunk with their suicidal, drug-addicted 15-year-old son have been charged with child abuse resulting in death. The teen lost consciousness after a night drinking with the couple and died in a local hospital 10 days later, ABC News reports. The couple initially... More »

Amish Teen Takes Cops on Buggy Chase

Police say he was drinking a beer

(Newser) - You shouldn't drink and drive—no matter what kind of horsepower you're riding. A 17-year-old Amish boy driving a buggy in upstate New York led deputies on a short chase after they saw him with an open can of beer, reports the Buffalo News . Once stopped, deputies say... More »

Demi's Daughter Busted for Booze

17-year-old Tallulah Willis allegedly caught carrying bottles from a car

(Newser) - Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s daughter Tallulah Belle, 17, was nabbed Friday for alcohol possession, the New York Daily News reports. Police saw the teen leaving a car in Hollywood with some friends around 11pm, allegedly carrying some bottles of booze. Being a minor, she had to alert her... More »

Applebee's Serves Margarita ... to Toddler

Mom says 15-month-old started 'saying hi and bye to the walls'

(Newser) - A family outing to an Applebee's near Detroit on Friday night took a turn for the weird after a 15-month-old was served a margarita in his sippy cup. The boy's mother, who thought the toddler was drinking apple juice, soon noticed him acting strangely. "He was saying hi and... More »

Alaska May Let Troops Drink at 18

Old enough to serve, old enough to drink, lawmaker says

(Newser) - "Any soldier who braves military combat and risks their life for our country should be treated like an adult—in every sense of the word," says Alaska lawmaker Bob Lynn. The Republican has revived an old controversy with a bill that would allow members of the military under... More »

3-Year-Old Treated for Alcoholism

Unnamed child the youngest on record for alcohol abuse

(Newser) - A 3-year-old child in England has been treated for alcoholism, after apparently receiving alcohol regularly for six months, reports the Telegraph . "It is a truly horrifying case and raises very serious child protection issues," said a spokesman for an alcohol abuse group. The unnamed child is the youngest... More »

Should Parents Let Kids Drink at Home?

Even some middle-schoolers get alcohol from parents, survey shows

(Newser) - If children are allowed to drink alcohol at home, with their parents, will it send them down a dark path—or save them from a possible future drinking problem? The issue is a sharply divisive one, with many parents arguing that underage drinking must be avoided at all costs—even... More »

Hyper-Texting Teens More Likely to Have Sex, Do Drugs

Not to mention binge drink and get in fights

(Newser) - It’s bad enough that some teens text 120 times a day or more—now, a new study shows that those who do so are also more likely to have sex, binge drink, use drugs, or get into fights. The study, based on confidential surveys of more than 4,200... More »

FDA Reviews Potent Drinks After College Scare

Caffeinated, alcoholic beverages under scrutiny

(Newser) - The FDA is investigating the safety of high-caffeine, high-alcohol drinks amid calls to ban them entirely, the AP reports. Responding to an incident in which nine college freshmen were hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after drinking Four Loko, Washington state's attorney general called the drinks a "serious threat to public... More »

College Trio Fined $86K for Kegger

University of Wisconsin party hosts slapped with 130 citations

(Newser) - Three University of Wisconsin students are facing more than $86,000 in fines for what could be one of the most expensive beer parties in history. Police showed up at the Madison students' house party last month and found a couple hundred guests paying $5 per cup. The students were... More »

Yale Students Slam Violent Police Raid on Their Party

SWAT team sent to investigate underage drinking

(Newser) - Yale students are complaining about a "terror attack" police raid on a private party where five students were arrested. Police and a SWAT team brandishing semi-automatic weapons burst into a party at a nightclub and swore at, shoved, and punched students—and Tasered one Yalie multiple times, sending him... More »

12-Year-Old Girl Busted for Drunk Driving

An older guy asked her to drive him home

(Newser) - A Minnesota sheriff’s deputy got quite a shock Saturday when he arrived at the scene of an accident to discover that the driver was 12 years old and seemingly drunk. This was especially strange because there was a teenager in the car who, though he was also drunk, at... More »

Drunk, Swearing Teen Dragged Out of Prom

18-year-old leaves Ohio party spitting blood at police

(Newser) - An Ohio teen expelled from her prom for being drunk and belligerent was spitting mad—spitting blood, that is, from a self-inflicted nosebleed. Jessica Halter, 18, is facing a litany of charges after refusing to take a Breathalyzer test and screaming at school administrators, "You are fucking bitches this... More »

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