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TSA Discovers Ninja Daggers Hidden in Book

Find touted as House lawmakers seek to strip agency of powers

(Newser) - A passenger who tried to hide two ninja-style throwing daggers in a hollowed-out book about ... ninjas ... had his daggers and his book confiscated by TSA officers at Washington's Reagan National Airport on Monday. The knives were not-so-surprisingly found when he placed his carry-on bag on an X-ray machine conveyor... More »

Ritual Daggers Bar Sikhs From Meeting Pope

Religion, Secret Service at impasse for April interfaith US gathering

(Newser) - Sikh leaders won’t attend a US interfaith meeting with Pope Benedict XVI next month because the Secret Service won’t let them wear ceremonial daggers, the AP reports. Kirpaans are required attire for the Eastern religion. “We cannot undermine the rights and freedoms of religion in the name... More »

2 Stories