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CPSC Links Chinese Drywall to Toxic Fumes

Owners of some 100K homes told to spend more time outdoors

(Newser) - Americans who live in homes containing Chinese-made drywall should start spending more time outside in the fresh air, the Consumer Product Safety Commission warned yesterday. The commission's investigators found "a strong association" with the imported drywall and the corrosion of metal and wire in homes, and with raised levels... More »

China Sells Gas to Iran Despite US Pressure

Provides 1/3 of its fuel imports

(Newser) - Chinese state oil companies began selling gasoline to Iran this month and now provide 30,000 to 40,000 barrels a day, or as much as a third of the country's imports. The development comes despite US-led attempts to block gas shipments to Iran, which has seen oil giants BP ... More »

Toxic Drywall May Be Sickening Homeowners

Chinese-imported materials used in more than 500,000 homes

(Newser) - Something’s rotten in the state of American homes: Chinese-imported drywall, which emits a sulfurous odor and could sicken homeowners, AP reports. More than 500 million pounds of the material was imported during America’s housing boom, when domestic supply was scarce and expensive, and it could line over 100,... More »

Tot's Death Spurs Soccer Goal Recall

Toddler strangled after head became trapped in mesh

(Newser) - Some 190,000 fold-up soccer goals are being recalled after the strangulation death of a Texas toddler, NPR reports. Distributor Regent Sports will replace all MacGregor and Mitre brand nets with a 5-inch grid sent in by customers. The 21-month-old child died last year when his head became entangled in... More »

Senate Backs Product Safety Crackdown

Sweeping changes in consumer laws

(Newser) - The Senate has passed a tough new product safety measure covering toys, household appliances and thousands of other products. It would ban lead in toys, increase civil penalties for hazardous products tenfold, enable more state regulation and create a database of dangerous items on the market. It also sets up... More »

5 Stories