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These 5 People Lost the Most This Year

Think your 401(k) has taken a hit? One tycoon has taken a $32B bath

(Newser) - Think you've taken a bath in the markets? Business Sheet compiles this year's five biggest losers:
  1. Warren Buffet Loss: $13.6 billion. Though he’s bought when others wouldn’t and come to the rescue of many (Goldman and GE, to start), losses dropped the famed investor’s liquid wealth
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Indian Athletes Aim for Gold on Billionaire's Buck

Trust seeks to boost Indian medal count

(Newser) - Young Indians are training for this summer’s Olympics with the backing of a London-based billionaire steel magnate, the Wall Street Journal reports. Lakshmi Mittal was dismayed by India’s poor showing at Athens in 2004—where the burgeoning superpower earned only a single silver, while archrival China won 32... More »

2 Stories