Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

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Congress Moves to Re-Legalize Online Gambling

Move could bring in $42 billion in taxes

(Newser) - Online gambling might soon be legal again, just four years after it was originally banned. The House Financial Services Committee approved a pair of bills to re-legalize and tax Internet casinos yesterday, the New York Times reports. The ban has just driven gamblers to overseas sites, supporters argue, while legalization... More »

Lines Keep Moving in Fight Over Online Gambling

Critics liken government stance to Prohibition

(Newser) - Can 20th-century laws designed to stop old-school bookies put the kibosh on the multi-billion online gambling industry? Anti-gambling crusaders say they can, and they’re doing their best to prove it. Federal prosecutors have used the 1961 Wire Act to shut down several huge operations, the Washington Post reports—but... More »

Fantasy Sports Ruling: Bet on Hypocrisy

It's not gambling because the government says so

(Newser) - Fantasy sports are A-OK with the Supreme Court and the US government—even though they’re essentially thinly disguised gambling games, writes Jacob Sullum of Reason Online. Many leagues openly include an entrance fee and a cash prize—which seems an awful lot like sports betting. But it’s not,... More »

Judge Upholds Ban on Internet Gambling

Online gambling association will appeal

(Newser) - A Congressional ban on Internet gambling doesn’t violate the Constitution, says a federal judge. An online gambling association that challenged the law failed to show sufficient cause to stop its enforcement, the judge ruled, but does have legal standing to appeal the case. The group plans to do so... More »

4 Stories