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Adelson Looks to Declare War on Online Gambling

Big GOP donor says it's bad for business, country

(Newser) - Casino boss Sheldon Adelson was in the spotlight last November for his enormous donations to GOP campaigns. This year, he's using his billions to fight another battle—against online gambling. Though Caesars, MGM Resorts, and other competitors say the practice could actually benefit casinos, Adelson disagrees; he says it... More »

Gamblers Lose Big in Massive Online Poker Bust

Feds shutdown industry with help of Daniel Tzvetkoff

(Newser) - The online poker world is reeling after this weekend’s massive US government crackdown on online poker sites. The Department of Justice indicted the owners of the three largest sites—Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker—for bank fraud, illegal gambling, and money laundering on Friday, shutting down all... More »

Congress Moves to Re-Legalize Online Gambling

Move could bring in $42 billion in taxes

(Newser) - Online gambling might soon be legal again, just four years after it was originally banned. The House Financial Services Committee approved a pair of bills to re-legalize and tax Internet casinos yesterday, the New York Times reports. The ban has just driven gamblers to overseas sites, supporters argue, while legalization... More »

Time to Fold Online Poker Ban

(Newser) - The government's online poker ban isn't just hypocritical—given that state lotteries are "the nation's most aggressive promoters of gambling"—it's unfairly slandering a sport that requires great skill by labeling it mere gambling, George F. Will writes in the Washington Post. Professional poker player Howard Lederer—known... More »

Judge Upholds Ban on Internet Gambling

Online gambling association will appeal

(Newser) - A Congressional ban on Internet gambling doesn’t violate the Constitution, says a federal judge. An online gambling association that challenged the law failed to show sufficient cause to stop its enforcement, the judge ruled, but does have legal standing to appeal the case. The group plans to do so... More »

5 Stories