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41M US Workers Sleep Deprived

That's 30% of workforce: CDC

(Newser) - Tired? It's no surprise: You're just one of 41 million American workers who suffer from lack of sleep, according to a survey of 15,000 people by the Centers for Disease Control. That's some 30% of the civilian workforce, and it's no small matter, the CDC... More »

Just What Is a ‘Good Job’?

This essential question needs to be answered, but it's complex

(Newser) - We toss around the phrase all the time, but how do we define what makes a “good job” good? It’s a key question—and a complex one—as we look to the future of our economy, writes Michael Lind in Salon . Among the factors:
  • Unions: We often call
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Part-Time Work Jumps 16% as Many Jobs Contract

Some 4.79 million worked part time in February; 1.8 million held two or more jobs

(Newser) - Tough economic times—and a drop in full-time jobs in some sectors—are pushing more people into part-time work, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Labor Department says 16% more workers—some 4.79 million people—are working part-time jobs this year than last, the highest total since 1993. More »

2007's Weirdest at-Work Hijinks

Some crazy stuff happened at the office in 2007

(Newser) - Not everyone burns down the office in retaliation over a lost stapler, a la Office Space's Milton, but some pretty strange stuff goes on at work. The weirdest occurrences of 2007, according to CNN:
  1. Worker eats 32 vending-machine items to win bet with co-workers (and $300 for charity).
  2. Pepsi worker
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Blue? Your Job May Be to Blame

Survey ranks professions according to depression rates

(Newser) - Those who care professionally for children or the elderly and those who dish out food and drinks tend to suffer from depression more than anyone else, a new government study says. To ward off the blues, try becoming an architect, an engineer or a surveyor, the job categories with the... More »

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