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Wash. Mayor Under Fire for 'Glenn Beck Day'

Critics slam decision to offer controversial pundit key to the city

(Newser) - The mayor of Mount Vernon, Wash., has taken a stand on the controversy over Glenn Beck calling President Obama a “racist.” He plans to give the Fox News lightning rod a key to the city and proclaim Sept. 26 “Glenn Beck Day,” the Seattle Times reports.... More »

New Lichen Named for Obama

(Newser) - The latest honor for the president: A University of California scientist has named a new species of lichen after him, the Los Angeles Times reports. It's a compliment. The scientist did much of his research on Caloplaca obamae during the campaign and says the strain shares a characteristic with the... More »

Ted Kennedy to Be Knighted

Gordon Brown to announce senator's royal honor today

(Newser) - Arise, Sir Ted. The ailing Massachusetts senator is to receive an honorary British knighthood for his services to American-British relations and his efforts to forge peace in Northern Ireland, reports the Times of London. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to officially announce Kennedy's honor during his address to both... More »

US to Honor Nazis' Secret Soldier Slaves

350 survivors vowed to keep abuses secret

(Newser) - After 64 years, the US Army will finally honor 350 American soldiers who were tortured and enslaved during the Holocaust's final months, CNN reports. The Nazis beat, starved and forced the war prisoners to work in a section of the Buchenwald  concentration camp. Some 100 of them died, and survivors... More »

Bangladeshi Parents Forced Me Into Marriage: UK Doctor

Case prompts other Brits to come forth

(Newser) - The Bangladeshi parents of a 33-year-old doctor living in Britain kidnapped and forced her into a Muslim marriage during a trip home because they disapproved of her Hindu boyfriend, the Independent reports. Humayra Abedin returned to the UK this week after four months in captivity, and is seeking to have... More »

Pundits Pile on Stumbling Mac

As candidate flails, labels range from dishonorable to 'stupid,' and 'losing it'

(Newser) - A rare level of pundit fury is flying at John McCain, as some erstwhile defenders lose patience with the Republican. Daniel Henninger asks point blank in the Wall Street Journal, “Is John McCain stupid? Is John McCain losing it?” The venerable rightie documents lazy and repeated stumbles on social... More »

Jean Nouvel Wins Pritzker Prize

Pritzker jury praises Guthrie designer Jean Nouvel's 'inquisitive mind'

(Newser) - The French designer of the Arab World Institute in Paris and Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater has won architecture's top award, the Pritzker Prize, reports the New York Times. Jean Nouvel’s projects "greatly expanded the vocabulary of contemporary architecture,” the Pritzker jury noted. “His inquisitive and agile mind... More »

Court: Italian Women Can Lie About Adultery

Judges say they can fib, even to police, to protect their honor

(Newser) - Italian adulterers have made their bed, and now the country’s top appeals court says they can lie in it: The Court of Cassation has ruled that married women can tell fibs to cover up an affair to protect their honor, the BBC reports. The judgment stems from the case... More »

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