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Pakistan Will Try Musharraf for Treason

Former strongman could face life in prison, death

(Newser) - Pakistan has been showing signs of easing up on Pervez Musharraf , but today it announced that the former military dictator is going to stand trial on charges of treason for his imposition of emergency rule in 2007. A guilty verdict could result in a death sentence or life in prison,... More »

Pakistan Official: I Refuse to Arrest PM

Fasih Bokhari tells Supreme Court its arrest order flawed

(Newser) - Pakistan's anti-corruption chief refused a Supreme Court order to arrest Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf in a graft case today, citing a lack of evidence in the latest clash between the government and the country's top court. Fasih Bokhari, chief of the National Accountability Bureau, told the Supreme... More »

Pakistan's Top Justice Returns to Jubilation

Reinstated judge calls for end to corruption

(Newser) - Pakistan's chief justice triumphantly returned to the bench today, reports the BBC, as supporters showered him with rose petals outside the supreme court in Islamabad. Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry was suspended by former president Pervez Musharraf during the 2007 state of emergency. Last week current president Asif Ali Zardari finally fulfilled... More »

Pakistan Blacks Out TV Station Amid Protests

Info minister resigns as gov't bars 'anti-establishment' channel

(Newser) - A Pakistani TV station that criticized the government in recent weeks has had its signal blocked in some areas of the country on government orders, a station official said. The country’s media clampdown has driven its information minister to resign in protest, another official noted. The station shutdown occurs... More »

Pakistan Protests Escalate, Sharif Alleges Death Threat

Dozens beaten and arrested as 'long march' to Islamabad begins

(Newser) - Pakistani police continued their crackdown on protesters today as Nawaz Sharif, a former PM turned opposition leader, accused the government of conspiring to kill him. Political activists and the country's lawyers defied a ban on protests, facing beatings and arrests in demonstrations from Karachi to Lahore. Sharif said he had... More »

Bhutto Widower Moves Closer to Presidency

Pakistan's Zardari wins key opposition support to succeed Musharraf

(Newser) - A major opposition party has backed Asif Ali Zardari, Benazir Bhutto's widower and the leader of the Pakistan People's Party, to succeed Pervez Musharraf as president, reports the AP. Zardari's support from the MQM, a party once loyal to Musharraf, will strengthen his hand in a struggle with coalition partner... More »

Pakistan Teeters After Ministers Quit Coalition

Sharif pulls out over rehiring judges; Zardari will lead talks

(Newser) - Pakistan's 6-week-old government is in turmoil today after the prime minister refused to accept the resignation of nine members of the cabinet. Former PM Nawaz Sharif led the walkout in a dispute over the reinstatement of judges sacked during last year's state of emergency, reports the BBC. More »

Judges' Dispute Sunders Pakistan's Ruling Coalition

Sharif's Muslim League breaks with People's Party, will still support government

(Newser) - The second-largest party in Pakistan's ruling coalition pulled out today after a disagreement over the reinstatement of judges removed by President Pervez Musharraf, Bloomberg reports. Nawaz Sharif said nine Pakistan Muslim League ministers would leave the cabinet led by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, but would not enter the opposition,... More »

Pakistan Parties Agree on Judges' Return

Justices axed by Musharraf set to be reseated by parliament

(Newser) - Pakistan’s ruling political parties have reached a deal to reinstate the judges Pervez Musharraf fired during his state of emergency, the BBC reports today. The agreement leaves intact the anti-Musharraf coalition that almost splintered over the issue. Asif Ali Zardari, head of the Pakistan Peoples Party, wanted reinstatement tied... More »

Pakistan PM's First Move Flouts Musharraf

Gilani takes office, orders judges jailed by president freed

(Newser) - Yousaf Raza Gilani ordered the release of 60 judges detained by Pervez Musharraf only minutes after being elected Pakistan's prime minister today, CBS reports. The president replaced the judges with a friendlier crop after imposing a state of emergency in November. If the freed justices are reinstated, a renewed legal... More »

Pakistani Parties Spurn Musharraf, Forge Coalition

Leaders plan to reinstate judges deposed by president

(Newser) - Pakistani opposition parties formed a coalition today that snubbed President Pervez Musharraf. The alliance of ex-PM Nawaz Sharif and the late Benazir Bhutto's party will also reinstate the judges deposed by Musharraf last year. Having opposed Musharraf's reelection bid, the judges are also likely to challenge his presidency in court,... More »

Pakistani Urges US to Oppose Elections

Restore judges first to stabilize the country, politician says

(Newser) - A Pakistani politician turned heads last week by touting a rare view to US policymakers: Don't back Pakistan's elections. Without an independent judiciary, elections will only hurt the country, Imran Khan warned. He urged lawmakers in New York and Washington to "back the democratic process, by insisting on the... More »

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