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Bloomberg Gets BusinessWeek for $5M

Financial-news giant founded by current NYC mayor promises it won't gut mag

(Newser) - Financial-news giant Bloomberg is the winning bidder for BusinessWeek, acquiring the 80-year-old magazine for between $2 and $5 million from parent McGraw-Hill, plus any liabilities associated with the purchase—not exactly a princely sum. “We are not buying BusinessWeek to gut it. We are buying it to build it,... More »

Credit Crisis Shocked Big Papers—but Why?

Only a few outlets warned of subprime collapse

(Newser) - If the financial crisis shocked news readers—and it did—it must have surprised news writers as well, David Folkenflik reasons on NPR. He surveyed major US publications and, sure enough, found few warnings of financial doom pre-meltdown. A New York Times columnist explained it this way: "As... More »

Viper Might Be Luxury Chrysler Can Do Without

Automaker needs to raise $1B, and hot rod looks odd model out

(Newser) - Despite a $1.1 billion operating profit in the first half of the year, Chrysler is hemorrhaging money. In a bid to raise another billion, the company is looking to sell off its iconic Dodge Viper line, BusinessWeek reports. The Viper has sold a mere 594 cars since January, and... More »

Yoga Turning B-Schoolers on Their Heads

Capitalists latch on to search for inner peace

(Newser) - Inner peace through capitalism? Americans spend $5.7 billion a year on yoga classes and products, and now, BusinessWeek reports, yoga clubs are cropping up in some of the country's most high-pressured institutions: top business schools. "Having a yoga practice helped sort through the white noise," one MIT... More »

Audience Disses Zuckerberg SXSWi Interview

Reporter draws heckles, as CEO talks about changing world

(Newser) - Facebook is changing the world. At least, that was a dominant theme during Mark Zuckerberg’s Sunday keynote at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, during which interviewer Sarah Lacy of BusinessWeek drew heckles from an increasingly impatient audience. Zuckerberg talked about Colombian activists and Lebanese youth using Facebook to... More »

5 Stories