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This May Be 2016's Biggest Humanitarian Challenge

Some 1M civilians could flee Mosul, with 700K of them requiring shelter

(Newser) - The military operation to wrest Mosul from ISIS could become the single largest, most complex humanitarian operation in the world in 2016, a UN official said Monday. Lise Grande, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq, said that in the worst case scenario, some 1 million civilians could flee the city,... More »

Novel Way to Deliver Aid to Sick Refugees on Jordan Border

Cranes may soon be delivering food, supplies to desperate camp residents

(Newser) - Since mid-2014, about 75,000 Syrian refugees have been in limbo in the "berm"—what the Guardian describes as the "no-man's land" at the border between Jordan and Syria. And since June of this year, those refugees have been living in what Doctors Without Borders has... More »

Besieged Syrian Town Gets First Food Aid Since 2012

Nearly 500 food rations will feed about 2,400 individuals in Daraya for one month

(Newser) - The Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the UN have delivered food aid to the Damascus suburb of Daraya for the first time since it came under siege in November 2012, hours after the UN said the Syrian government had approved access to 15 of the 19 besieged areas in Syria,... More »

$140K of Ebola Supplies Sit Unused in Sierra Leone

Party politics may be preventing access to shipment

(Newser) - A shipping container full of much-needed supplies to fight Ebola arrived in Sierra Leone almost two months ago—and it's still sitting on the docks, the New York Times reports. In a period that has seen hundreds die, some $140,000 worth of protective gear, mattresses, and stretchers has... More »

US Ebola Contribution: 3K Military, $750M

'Significant' response will train hundreds of health workers, build hospitals

(Newser) - As part of his promised "scaled-up response" to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, President Obama is expected to announce during a visit to the CDC today that the US will be sending 3,000 military personnel in an effort that could cost up to $750 million over the... More »

Helicopter Overloaded With Rescued Iraqis Crashes

Pilot appears to be only fatality; 2 journalists among those injured

(Newser) - An Iraqi helicopter that brought supplies to tens of thousands of Yazidi minorities still trapped on Iraq's Mount Sinjar crashed today because too many refugees clambered on board, an Iraqi military spokesman tells the AP . The pilot is apparently the only fatality. New York Times journalist Alissa Rubin, 56,... More »

Obama Authorizes Airstrikes in Iraq

US also begins humanitarian aid drops to trapped Iraqis

(Newser) - President Obama said tonight he has authorized the US military to carry out airstrikes in Iraq against Islamic militants if necessary to protect American personnel in northern Iraq. He emphasized, however, that no ground troops would be sent back to Iraq. Obama also said the US has begun humanitarian aid... More »

Conflict Has Displaced 1 in 3 Syrians: UN

7M have been uprooted; 2M of those have fled country

(Newser) - Seven million Syrians, or nearly one-third of the population, have been displaced by the civil war that has ravaged the nation since 2011, but international aid has been a "drop in the sea" of humanitarian need, a top UN official said today. The funding gaps remain wide, with donor... More »

UN Yanking Staff From Syria

While US says it is 'planning to take action' if chemical weapons threat materializes

(Newser) - The UN is yanking "all non-essential international staff" out of Syria in response to the escalating violence there, it announced today. Up to a quarter of its 100 foreign staffers may leave within the week, the BBC reports. The UN has also temporarily forbidden all field trips into Syria... More »

Thousands Flee Ethnic Violence in Burma

But US praises government response to clashes

(Newser) - Some 90,000 people who have fled ethnic violence in western Burma are in need of emergency food aid, the United Nations warns. The rape and murder of a Buddhist woman last month, for which two men have been sentenced to death, set off violence between Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims... More »

Celebs Who Are Surprisingly Charitable

Taylor Swift donates $4M to Country Music Hall of Fame

(Newser) - Taylor Swift is donating a sizable $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the largest gift ever donated to the museum by an artist. It will fund the Taylor Swift Education Center, a new classroom and exhibit space opening in 2014, the AP reports. Swift proves... More »

UN Humanitarian Chief Tours Homs

As Syrian regime tries to scrub shattered city

(Newser) - UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos arrived in Damascus to begin her tour of Syria today, and is now touring the flashpoints of Homs and Baba Amr, the BBC reports. The Assad regime was moving desperately to clean up evidence of the recent shelling assault on the city ahead of her... More »

'Friends of Syria' Meet, Plan to Put Screws to Assad

Opposition activist says they're turning a blind eye as rebels smuggle in weapons

(Newser) - With UN action looking unlikely, diplomats from dozens of countries converged on Tunisia today for a "Friends of Syria" conference to chart a political solution to the Syrian crisis. Their goal is to create a "tsunami wave" of pressure against Bashar al-Assad, stripping away his internal support, CNN... More »

To Help Third World, Send Cash, Not Stuff

Developing world doesn't need our cast-offs: Charles Kenny

(Newser) - The common practice of sending hand-me-downs or excess merchandise to developing countries seems like a good idea—after all, if the NFL can’t sell all those “Pittsburgh Steelers: Super Bowl XLV Champions” shirts, what’s wrong with sending them to Zambia? The problem is, Zambians don’t need... More »

UN Aid Flows at Last to Parched Somalia

Al-Shabab militants allow aid groups in for first time in 2 years

(Newser) - UN aid groups have finally begun delivering supplies to areas controlled by islamist militants in Somalia, as the Horn of Africa faces its worst drought in 60 years, reports the BBC . Al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda-linked militant group, banned international aid groups two years ago, but tens of thousands of refugees streaming... More »

Japan Earthquake: How You Can Help

Seven ways to donate and spread awareness

(Newser) - If the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has you feeling helpless, turn to Mashable . The site rounds up seven ways you can do something—even if you’re broke:
  • Like a page: For each person that “likes” the “Dog Bless You” Facebook page for search and rescue
... More »

Number of Libyans Needing Aid: 1M

Rebels reject Gadhafi associate's call for dialogue

(Newser) - Government forces have launched new attacks on rebel-held towns of Zawiyah and Ras Lanuf amid UN calls for increased aid to the region, Reuters reports. More than a million people—both those inside Libya and fleeing the country—now need humanitarian assistance, the UN said. Its aid coordinator is particularly... More »

South Korea Sends Food to North

Government offers humanitarian aid for first time in years

(Newser) - For the first time since early 2008, the South Korean government today sent food aid to North Korea in what some see as a big step toward easing tensions between the two countries. Freighters carrying 5,000 tons of rice and 3 million cups of instant noodles are expected to... More »

Clooney Jokes About Humanitarian Award

Offers to assist Darfur via wardrobe malfunction

(Newser) - Accepting the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at last night's Emmys, George Clooney made light of his work to raise awareness about genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. "I have offered to go to the south of Sudan and stage, like, a wardrobe malfunction," the modest actor quipped.... More »

Angelina Jolie Heads to Haiti

UN goodwill ambassador visited survivors yesterday

(Newser) - Angelina Jolie's latest humanitarian mission: Haiti's earthquake victims. The actress and UN goodwill ambassador visited with survivors hospitalized in the neighboring Dominican Republic yesterday, and a UN rep says she is traveling to Haiti today, the AP reports. During yesterday's hospital visit Jolie, accompanied by a UN rep, "spoke... More »

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