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Least Sinful City in US Is in the Northeast

Hello, South Burlington, Vermont

(Newser) - The most "sinful" city in the US is ... yup, Vegas. Though that top result isn't too surprising, a ranking by WalletHub is still pretty entertaining to read. Using metrics that run the gamut from casinos, to massage parlors, to plastic surgeries (vanity is a sin, remember), and even... More »

Pat Robertson Fallout Shows Hypocrisy of Christianity

If you blast him, you blast the whole faith

(Newser) - Christians who try to distance themselves from Pat Robertson’s assertion that the recent earthquake is payback for a pact with the devil are practicing the height of hypocrisy, Richard Dawkins writes. “Dear modern, enlightened, theologically sophisticated Christian, your entire religion is founded on an obsession with 'sin', with... More »

Decriminalize Incest? Romania Is Not Alone

Bucharest aims to match laws in 3 EU nations

(Newser) - As the Josef Fritzl case echoes across Europe, Romania is considering a new approach to incest: legalizing it, the AP reports. The Justice Ministry is contemplating the move amid wider legal reforms, arguing that decriminalization would sync its stance with EU members France, Spain, and Portugal. “Not everything... More »

Where Bernie's Headed: Dante's Ninth Circle

Hell's worst area is frozen land ruled by Satan

(Newser) - If 150 years in prison seems like meager penance for Bernie Madoff, consider where he would go in Dante's Inferno: the Ninth Circle of Hell. There, the world's worst sinners—betrayers—freeze in an iceworld kept cool by Satan himself. "Betrayal destroys the trust that binds humanity, and... More »

Weak Dollar Sends Vatican to $14.5M Loss

Catholic church blames declining greenback as it goes into the red

(Newser) - The weak dollar has wreaked havoc on business across Europe, but one organization has posted a surprising loss: the Vatican. The Catholic Church blamed the declining greenback for its first loss in 4 years as it ended the year $14.5 million in the red. The Guardian reports on how... More »

Lincoln's Failings Offer Modern Lesson

Politicians must learn to face their flaws, not exult in strengths

(Newser) - Abraham Lincoln had his dark days. For a while, Lincoln was mercury-pill-popping, sleep-deprived wreck who briefly considered suicide. “Lincoln went Crazy,” wrote friend Joshua Speed. “It was horrible.” Lincoln, of course, grew out of it, facing his flaws in a way today’s leaders ought to... More »

Environment, Bioethics Under Vatican's Scrutiny

Church updates Catholic morality for modern, globalized life

(Newser) - Catholics must guard against "new sins" such as polluting the environment and using genetic modification, the Vatican says. Their church has updated the concept of sin for the contemporary world, paying special attention to the expanding and morally murky world of bioethics, a top official from the Apostolic Penitentiary,... More »

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