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First Nation Suit: Canada's Parliament Is on Our Land

Aboriginal group says it never relinquished title

(Newser) - Ottawa's Parliament, Supreme Court, and the National Library may soon have some new owners—or new old owners. The city's south bank where these three institutions lie is in the middle of a land ownership lawsuit filed Wednesday by a Quebec First Nation, CTV News reports. "The... More »

Meanwhile, in Canada, Parliament Debates Use of 'Fart'

The word is 'distinctly unparliamentary,' says Elizabeth May

(Newser) - While several world leaders were preoccupied with climate change , Canada was debating a far more important issue: whether "fart" is an appropriate word to use in parliament. While giving what she called "an impassioned speech " about unemployment and tax increases in Alberta in the House of Commons... More »

Lawmaker Blames Absence on Tight Underwear

'I find it difficult to sit for any length of time,' says Canada's Pat Martin

(Newser) - A member of Canada's parliament got caught with his pants down yesterday. As the House of Commons voted on a procedural motion, Pat Martin voted, then dashed out of the chamber unexpectedly before returning a short while later. When a Conservative Party MP suggested he should forfeit his vote—... More »

Soldier, 1 Shooter Dead as Canada Locks Down Capital

PM Stephen Harper evacuated; gunfire heard inside Parliament halls

(Newser) - Canada's Parliament Hill, National War Memorial, and a nearby mall came under attack this morning, Ottawa police tell the CBC , and one gunman is dead with another still believed to be at large. "Most of downtown Ottawa is in lockdown," says a police rep, as per the... More »

Canadian Parliament Dines on Seal

Lunch gesture protests EU's ban on import of seal products

(Newser) - Miffed by a ban on Canadian seal imports by the EU, which charges cruelty in the annual hunt, the country's MPs have defiantly put seal meat on tomorrow's parliamentary lunch menu. By eating seal, a Liberal MP tells the Guardian , “all political parties will have the opportunity to demonstrate... More »

Canadian PM Buys Time With Parliament Shutdown

Opposition had been gearing up to replace Harper's Conservative government

(Newser) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper got permission today to close Canada’s Parliament until Jan. 26, avoiding a vote next week that would likely have forced him from power, the Globe and Mail reports. Harper’s Conservative government is under fire from a liberal coalition over inaction on the economic crisis.... More »

Canadian Opposition Moves to Sink Righty Gov't

Harper's Tories in rout weeks after re-election

(Newser) - Canada’s main opposition parties have reached an unprecedented deal to topple the Conservative government, only weeks after it won re-election, reports the Globe and Mail. PM Stephen Harper infuriated rivals by attempting to end public support for political parties under the veil of an economic stimulus bill. The Liberals,... More »

Canada Returns Conservative Minority Government

Harper's party grabs more seats but still falls short of a majority

(Newser) - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been re-elected to form a minority government. Harper's Conservative party boosted the size of its minority in yesterday's Canadian election but fell a dozen seats short of a majority, Reuters reports. The opposition Liberals slumped to their lowest share of the popular vote in... More »

Canadian Convoy Bombed in Afghanistan

Attack precedes Canada's vote on unpopular operation

(Newser) - A suicide attack on a Canadian convoy in Afghanistan killed a civilian, injured at least one soldier, and set ablaze a nearby home less than half a mile from the Canadian base of operations in Kandahar. The Taliban took credit for the attack, which comes just as Canada is about... More »

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