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'Things Go Bump in the Night' at NY Governor's Mansion

Spooky thuds keep Gov. Andrew Cuomo awake at night

(Newser) - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo isn't afraid of ghosts, but spooky thuds still keep him awake at night when he stays at the governor's mansion in Albany, the AP reports. The Democrat told a Long Island crowd Thursday that during legislative sessions he spends evenings unsettled by unexplained... More »

Woman Arrested Once More Over Twin Sister's Death

Alexandria Duval was found in Albany on Friday

(Newser) - In June, Hawaii prosecutors said the crash that killed Anastasia Duval was no accident—but twin sister Alexandria, who was behind the wheel, saw her second-degree murder charge thrown out due to lack of evidence. Now Duval has been re-arrested in connection with the May 29 accident, in which their... More »

Tables Turn on Students Said to Be Victims of Hate Crime

3 SUNY Albany women are now being charged with assault

(Newser) - An attack against three black SUNY Albany students that they said was racially motivated has now taken a turn, NBC New s reports. Ariel Agudio, Alexis Briggs, and Asha Burwell, all 20-year-old females, say they were on a late-night city bus on Jan. 30 when they were harassed by a... More »

Frat Suing 'Rogue' Group Accused in Hazing Death

Zeta Beta Tau says SUNY Albany men had no authorization to use ZBT name

(Newser) - The seven men accused of the 2014 hazing of a SUNY Albany student that caused his death are already in trouble with the school and the police. Now they've got a new problem on their hands: a lawsuit set to be filed by the fraternity whose name they apparently... More »

Another Frat Hazing Death, Another Wave of Arrests

Trevor Duffy, 19, died during initiation at Zeta Beta Tau

(Newser) - Five members of an "unsanctioned" fraternity at the State University of New York at Albany have been charged in the hazing death of a pledge. Olaf Jablonski, Yuval Sucov, Jonathan Maldonado, Steven Vila, and Keith Rosengarten, 20 to 22, are charged with first-degree hazing after 19-year-old Trevor Duffy died... More »

America's Most 'Perfectly Average' City Is...

...Knoxville, Tenn., depending who you ask

(Newser) - New York Times economic policy reporter Annie Lowrey took to Twitter last week with a tough but fascinating question: "What is the most perfectly average place in the United States and why?" George Mason economics professor Tyler Cowen thinks he has the answer: Knoxville, Tenn. Writing on Marginal Revolution... More »

NY School's Essay Topic: Why 'Jews Are Evil'

Albany principal apologizes over English class 'thought experiment'

(Newser) - The principal of Albany High School is apologizing to students and families after an English teacher asked the teens to turn in an essay making the case that "Jews are evil." No, the teacher isn't an anti-Semite (we hope)—it was one of those "thought experiments"... More »

America's Most Irish Cities Are ...

... Boston, of course, plus a few surprises

(Newser) - Quick St. Patrick's Day quiz: How many Americans are of Irish descent? Some 22 million say Irish is their "primary ancestry," and 13.5 million more have at least some Irish blood, reports the Huffington Post . That adds up to 35.5 million or 11.6% of... More »

Distant Capitals = Corrupt States

Take that, James Madison

(Newser) - James Madison once said that capital cities ought to be removed from the busiest parts of the country, so they'd be isolated from powerful interests. Well, guess again, Jim. A new study has found that states with distant capitals are much more likely to have rotten governments, the LA ... More »

Saggy Pants Ban a Profitable Move for Georgia Town

Waistlines are down, cash is up

(Newser) - In Albany, Georgia, saggy pants are a sartorial faux pas—and quite the little moneymaker. On Nov. 23 of last year, the city instituted a ban on anyone wearing pants (or skirts!) more than three inches below the hips. Since then, 187 citations have been issued, raking in $3,... More »

In New York, Jubilant Gay Community Rejoices

Crowds throng West Village, where gay rights movement was born

(Newser) - After the showdown in Albany legalized gay marriage, euphoric crowds last night thronged the streets of New York City's West Village, where the gay rights movement was born some four decades ago. “It’s where it all began,” said one reveler outside the Stonewall Inn. The New ... More »

New York Senate Approves Gay Marriage

It will become the sixth and largest state to legalize same-sex weddings

(Newser) - The gay rights movement just scored a huge victory: Same-sex marriage will soon be legal in New York state. The state Senate approved the measure tonight after a Republican legislator came forward to support it as the crucial 32nd vote. “I know my vote is a vote of conscience,... More »

NY's Gay Marriage Showdown Could Come Tomorrow

Support currently tied at 31-31, with a few Republicans undecided

(Newser) - It's a familiar scene with a major twist: New York lawmakers meet behind closed doors in the frantic last days of a six-month legislative session with a big pile of seemingly unconnected issues on the table in front of them. This year, however, there is intense national focus on... More »

NY Senate Stalls on Gay Marriage Bill

Vote delayed at least til tomorrow as they argue over religious protections

(Newser) - Old-time, backroom politics faced down hundreds of chanting protesters from each side of the highly charged gay marriage debate in New York today as the issue stalled again over whether religious groups could be protected from discrimination charges. After a three-hour conference behind closed doors, while groups from each side... More »

Pushy Customer Misses $319M Lottery Jackpot

He cuts in line, and next person gets winning Quick Pick

(Newser) - How’s this for karma: A man in Albany pushed ahead in line for a Mega Millions lottery ticket—and the guy he shoved aside got the winning Quick Pick. The man “actually cut in front of me to buy a ticket,” said Mike Barth. “I thought... More »

America's Top Stoner Cities

Daily Beast ranks America's pot-loving locales

(Newser) - In honor of today's date, 4/20—and the pot-steeped lore of those numbers—the Daily Beast has ranked the nation's 40 "highest cities," where weed culture reigns supreme. To read the full list and see how it was compiled, click here . The top 10:
  1. Eureka, California
  2. Tallahassee, Florida
... More »

Post Spots Paterson With Galpal

'Latina lovely' 'works with me,' gov says; Busted, says tabloid

(Newser) - He's no Client No. 9 as yet, but New York Gov. David Paterson was spotted yesterday canoodling with a "Latina lovely" at a Jersey steakhouse, reports the New York Post. And though the guv himself told Post operatives on the scene that "she works with me," fellow... More »

Rivers Cuomo Injured in Weezer Bus Crash

Indie darlings were en route from Toronto to Boston

(Newser) - Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo suffered minor injuries this morning when a bus carrying the band from Toronto to Boston ran off the New York State Thruway about 40 miles west of Albany. Cuomo complained of rib pain and was taken to a local hospital after the tour bus slid on... More »

Rupe Disses 'in-the-Dark' Blind NY Gov

Murdoch: Paterson 'doesn't really know what's going on'

(Newser) - Continuing his streak of casually slamming black Democrats, Rupert Murdoch yesterday said New York's blind governor, David Paterson, "can't read braille and doesn't really know what's going on." Murdoch's comments about Paterson, coming a week after he agreed with Glenn Beck that President Obama is a racist, support... More »

Feuding Senate Has NY State Seeing Double

'Farcical' legislators make mayhem; gov blasts proceedings

(Newser) - New York got two state senates for the price of one yesterday as lawmakers held side-by-side sessions, with each party passing its own bills, the New York Times reports. Dems got to the chamber first and locked out Republicans. When the GOP was finally allowed in, members were barred from... More »

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