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Meet the Guy Who Busts Fake Service Members, Lying Vets

Anthony Anderson exposes phonies and vets who hype what they've done: the 'Atlantic'

(Newser) - Armed with plenty of caffeine and a laptop, Anthony Anderson works from his South Carolina home to expose a unique type of deception: stolen valor, where people pretend to be service members, or actual service members and veterans who exaggerate or lie about their war stories. A piece in the... More »

Fear of Social Rejection Causes Social Rejection

Paranoid behavior is self-fulfilling, says study

(Newser) - Being paranoid that your friends hate you might cause them to hate you, according to a new study. Researchers at a Canadian business school put subjects in situations that could arose their suspicions (like, for instance, hearing co-workers laughing during lunch) then attempted to determine which subjects were inclined to... More »

Kindle to Sell Short Stories for $3.99

E-reader teams up with Atlantic editors on new project

(Newser) - The Kindle will begin selling short stories next week picked and edited by The Atlantic magazine. Amazon's e-reader will offer two a month for $3.99 each, with the first two appearing Monday from Christopher Buckley and Irish writer Edna O'Brien. The latter writes her fiction in longhand and had... More »

TSA Designed Only to 'Catch Stupid Terrorists'

Weapons? Check. Liquids? Check. Terrorist propaganda? Check. Write got it all through.

(Newser) - The Transportation Security Administration’s nearly $7 billion budget is a waste, Jeffrey Goldberg reports in the Atlantic. With the help of a security expert, Goldberg has, at various times, gotten through airport security using counterfeit passes, carrying potentially dangerous objects and liquids—not to mention a Hezbollah flag and... More »

Most Americans Lack Basic Political Knowledge: Survey

Less than 42% know Condi runs State; acumen better among highbrow-mag readers

(Newser) - Only 18% of Americans can correctly name the current secretary of state, Britain’s prime minister and which party controls the US House, a LiveScience survey finds. Among the survey’s 3,612-person sample, more than half correctly said that the Democrats have a majority in the House, while 42%... More »

Courts Finally Catching Up to Society's Views on Gays

(Newser) - The California Supreme Court’s landmark decision in May to grant gays the right to marry is based on a simple but inevitable idea, Andrew Sullivan writes in the Atlantic: Gay marriage is just marriage, and gay people are no different than straight people. As homosexuality moved from being considered... More »

Atlantic Denies Going Tabloid

Spears cover story raises eyebrows among loyal readers

(Newser) - Loyal Atlantic subscribers are in for a shock: Britney Spears graces the April cover. Though the magazine has showcased Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart, the prime real estate granted to the pop-tart has some questioning the effect dropping advertising and newsstand sales are having on the venerable journal's direction—and... More »

7 Stories