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Chicago Area Braces for 8 Inches of Snow

Winter Storm Bella is about to hit the Midwest with a pre-Thanksgiving wallop

(Newser) - If you're one of those people who doesn't like hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving, you won't be pleased with weather news coming out of Chicago. Winter is arriving early in the form of a snowstorm in and around the city over the weekend, the Chicago Tribune reports.... More »

What Could Happen Even If Joaquin Doesn't Hit

Storm staying out at sea so far, but it will probably still rain hard on land

(Newser) - Hurricane Joaquin remains a Category 4 storm that's currently battering the Bahamas, but the East Coast may dodge one bullet this weekend if the storm keeps to its offshore path, and CNN report. Tracking maps show Joaquin solidly out in the Atlantic and set to keep veering... More »

Man Posing for Photos Along Lake Michigan Drowns

Earl Helmuth, an Amish man, did not know how to swim

(Newser) - On Saturday night a 24-year-old Indiana man posed for photos alongside the woman he was due to marry; it was the last thing the two would do together. Earl Helmuth was swept off a lighthouse pier in Michigan City, Ind., by a wave thought to be at least 7 feet... More »

Northeast Braces for Mega-Storm

New York City roads, subways banned after 11pm

(Newser) - More than 35 million people along the Philadelphia-to-Boston corridor rushed to get home and settle in today as a fearsome storm swirled in with the potential for hurricane-force winds and 1 to 3 feet of snow that could paralyze the Northeast for days. Snow was blowing sideways with ever-increasing intensity... More »

Tornado 'Wipes Away' Buildings in Mississippi City

New storm front threatens several states

(Newser) - Authorities say two large tornadoes damaged homes and downed trees and power lines today around the northern Mississippi city of Tupelo, injuring several people—part of a new storm system following yesterday's fatal twisters . A local reporter said buildings in a commercial district in Tupelo were just "wiped... More »

Power Outages Dragging On in Maine, Michigan

It may not be until Friday or Saturday until lights come back on

(Newser) - Some homes and businesses from Maine to Michigan and into Canada that have been without electricity since last weekend's ice storm may not get their power back for another day—or longer. Bangor Hydro Electric in Maine is advising people it will be the end of the day Friday... More »

Storms Strike US South, Killing 5

More snow, sleet set to fall over the weekend

(Newser) - Real-live winter in the South? You bet: Unlikely ice storms hammered southern states yesterday, depriving thousands of power, forcing hundreds of flight cancellations, and killing at least five people, CNN reports. It's not over, either: Storms are poised to strike regions from Dallas to Memphis until tomorrow and Arkansas... More »

8 Dead as 'Nordic Outbreak' Blasts Wests, Heads East

Storm is moving eastward, will impact much of the nation: weather service

(Newser) - Stormy weather across the West blamed in eight deaths moved steadily eastward, prompting alerts of wintry conditions in New Mexico and Texas. Forecasters said the storm system in the West would sweep across the South and toward the Atlantic coast in the coming week, causing problems for holiday travelers. The... More »

'Apocalyptic' Storm Ravages Sardinia

17 confirmed dead amid widespread flooding

(Newser) - The Mediterranean island of Sardinia, prized by the jet-set for its white sand beaches and crystal-clear seas, was a flood-ravaged mudbath today after a freak torrential rainstorm killed at least 17 people, downed bridges, and swept away cars. Italian Premier Enrico Letta declared a state of emergency and set aside... More »

Great Plains Walloped With Snowstorm, Tornadoes

15 injured in tornadoes, 3 die in snow-related car accident

(Newser) - In the span of 24 hours, the scenic Black Hills in South Dakota were coated in up to three and a half feet of wet, heavy snow, one of several Great Plains states walloped by a storm system that's caused millions of dollars in damage. But wintry weather wasn'... More »

Sandy Left NY Island 54% Less Sandy

The hurricane has left Fire Island vulnerable to future storms, finds new study

(Newser) - Miami Beach isn't the only one running low on sand —a new study has found more than half of the sand on New York's Fire Island was washed away during Hurricane Sandy, LiveScience reports. Though 18% of the barrier island's sand has been replenished, the... More »

Oklahoma Hammered by More Tornadoes

Arkansas too, where one man died

(Newser) - Oklahoma continues to be hammered with bad weather, as up to a dozen tornadoes hit the ground there and in and Arkansas yesterday, killing one and injuring nine. All injuries were in Arkansas, where one man died when a tree blew into the car he was driving, reports the AP... More »

6 Dead in Texas Tornado: 'Everything Blew Up'

36 counties on tornado watch

(Newser) - A storm system in northern Texas prompted a series of twisters, one of which killed at least six and injured dozens more in the Granbury area, the Dallas Morning News reports. At least 14 others were unaccounted for, officials said; CNN puts the number injured at 100. Ten tornadoes were... More »

3 Dead as Storm Sweeps South

System headed for the Carolinas

(Newser) - The severe storm system sweeping through the Deep South has now killed at least three people and left tens of thousands without power as it makes its way toward the Carolinas and the East Coast, the AP reports. After wreaking havoc in Missouri and Arkansas on Wednesday, the storm swept... More »

New Storm Hits Upper Midwest

And rain prompts flood watches across the southeast

(Newser) - While the Northeast digs itself out from under historic snowfall, a major storm hit the Upper Midwest today with 8 to 15 inches of snow, CNN reports. The new snowstorm struck seven states but targeted Minnesota and the Dakotas in particular. Meanwhile, heavy rain drenched much of the Southeast, prompting... More »

6 Dead, Thousands Stranded in Storm

More than 1,300 flights have been canceled

(Newser) - Nasty holiday weather that brought tornadoes to the South and blizzards across the nation's middle is now headed for the Northeast, reports . It's not going to be a pretty travel day, whether on the ground or in the air.
  • 6 deaths: Winds brought down a tree
... More »

Thousands Lose Power in California Storm

An inch of rain per hour falls in some areas

(Newser) - Residents of Northern California hunkered down today as a powerful storm drenched the area with yet another round of pounding rain and strong winds. The latest storm system—the third to hit the area in less than a week—moved across the region late last night and early today, dropping... More »

One Dead as Storms, Floods Batter England

Woman, 21, dies when tree falls on tent

(Newser) - Rainstorms and floods have hit southern England, killing one person and injuring two. The three casualties occurred when a large spruce tree collapsed in Exeter, near the southwestern coast, last night. A 21-year-old woman who was in a small tent when the tree fell on it died at a hospital. More »

Hunter Killed as Storms Lash Northwest

Flood warnings issued in Washington state

(Newser) - Residents in Washington and Oregon braced for more wet weather after a fierce storm swamped streets, toppled trees and large trucks, cut power to nearly 50,000 residents, and caused at least one death in Oregon, where a hunter was killed yesterday morning when a tree crashed on his tent... More »

NY, NJ Forced to Evacuate Again

Nor'easter expected to bring snow from Maryland to Maine

(Newser) - The Nor'easter threatening the already-battered Atlantic Coast is weakening , but New York and New Jersey are still ordering evacuations ahead of the storm, which is already pelting Washington with ice and stirring seas as high as 7.5 feet off New York. In New York City, parks and beaches... More »

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