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Mexico Arrests Its 'Most Powerful Woman'

Elba Esther Gordillo accused of embezzling millions from union workers

(Newser) - She's known as Mexico's most powerful woman, and she's currently sitting in prison. Elba Esther Gordillo was arrested on corruption charges last night after landing near Mexico City in a private plane, reports the AP . It's things like private planes that appear to be the problem:... More »

Teachers Now Backing ... the GOP

Republicans see more union dollars roll in

(Newser) - Talk about strange bedfellows: Some American teachers' unions, bruised by struggles with Democrats like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel , are lending their support to ... Republicans, the New York Times reports. Reaching across the aisle in states like Illiinois, Ohio, and Texas, teachers' groups gave $1.2 million to GOP state candidates... More »

Chicago Teachers End Strike

Classes will resume tomorrow

(Newser) - Your extended break is over, Chicago kids. The city's teachers ended their strike of more than a week today, and classes will be back in session tomorrow, reports the Chicago Tribune . The move came after about 800 union delegates debated a tentative pact that emerged over the weekend. Today'... More »

Chicago Teachers Should Have Taken the Deal

It was the best they could have gotten: James Warren

(Newser) - When the Chicago Teachers Union declined to vote on a new contract that would have ended the ongoing strike Sunday, it lost its best chance at a quick and fair deal, writes James Warren in the Daily Beast . Union President Karen Lewis seriously "miscalculated" by giving few details about... More »

Chicago Teachers Say Strike Continues; City to File Suit

Union isn't happy with proposed contract

(Newser) - So much for that tentative deal . Chicago teachers this evening opted not to vote on a pact that would end their weeklong strike, saying they needed more time to digest the details, reports the Chicago Tribune . Union chief Karen Lewis said the earliest classes could resume is Wednesday. But soon... More »

Chicago, Teachers Have 'Framework' to End Strike

'Heavy lifting' is over: school board president David Vitale

(Newser) - The city's nearly weeklong teachers strike appeared headed toward a resolution today after negotiators emerged from marathon talks to say they had achieved a "framework" that could end the walkout in time for students to return to class Monday. Chicago School Board President David Vitale said the "... More »

Teachers Don't Strike Deal, But Remain Upbeat

Chicago board thinks it can get done by 2pm, teachers less sure

(Newser) - The Chicago Teachers Union and Public Schools Board failed to strike a deal in time to get kids back to classes today, but remain optimistic that something would get done sooner rather than later. Negotiations broke off around 12:45am, the Chicago Tribune reports, after what CPS Board President David... More »

Teachers' Strike End in Sight After City Makes Concessions

Sides hoping to have school tomorrow

(Newser) - Bad news, kids of Chicago: There may be school tomorrow. Negotiators for both the city and the teachers union emerged from yesterday's talks with fresh optimism, saying they hoped to have school back in session by Friday, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. "I'm smiling. I'm very happy,... More »

Teachers Force Rahm to Deny ... Liking Nickelback

Will he be denying secret yearning for Creed next?

(Newser) - One of the striking Chicago teachers infused a bit of hilarity into the situation with his protest sign—"Rahm Emanuel likes Nickelback"—which went viral Monday, and actually prompted Emanuel to officially deny liking the much-maligned band in question. RedEye asked the mayor's spokesperson if, in fact,... More »

Rahm: We're Close; Teachers: That's 'Lunacy'

Sides 'kilometers apart,' union president says

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Teachers Union are so far apart that they can't even agree on how far apart they are. Emanuel emerged from yesterday's negotiations saying that only one or two major issues separated the sides. Union President Karen Lewis had a slightly different take, saying... More »

Chicago Teachers' Strike: Greed or Grit?

Either way, negotiations must be public

(Newser) - Unions began as a powerful and much-needed force for good, raising workers from "scraping out a meager living in low-paid and dangerous jobs into the middle class," and nowhere more so than in Chicago, writes Dennis Byrne in the Chicago Tribune . But the teachers' strike is a different... More »

Romney Slams Striking Chicago Teachers

White House trying to stay neutral

(Newser) - Mitt Romney, a frequent critic of teachers' unions, has been handed plenty of ammunition by the Chicago teachers' strike , reports the Chicago Sun-Times . The unions "have too often made plain that their interests conflict with those of our children, and today we are seeing one of the clearest examples... More »

Public Workers Have Lost the PR Battle

Even Democrats are targeting public-sector perks

(Newser) - Public workers fighting to preserve their jobs, salaries, and benefits are running out of allies, the Washington Post finds. Democratic lawmakers searching for budget cuts have joined Republicans in targeting public sector perks. Several states are following Wisconsin's lead in attempting to curb collective bargaining for public workers and... More »

Why Teachers Raged at Kenneth Cole

David Sirota calls Cole campaign 'propaganda'

(Newser) - Facing outcry from teachers, Kenneth Cole has offered to pull a new ad and web campaign that blithely pits "Teachers' Rights vs. Students' Rights"—and David Sirota's article at Salon explains the hubbub. For starters, a Cole foundation website is asking readers to weigh in on the... More »

What If NFL Players Were Paid Like Teachers?

The league would suffer, just like our education system: Fran Tarkenton

(Newser) - Imagine if every NFL player's salary was based on how long he had played, and if players who made it through three seasons could almost never be fired. "It's about tenure, not talent" in this alternate reality, writes NFL Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton in the Wall ... More »

NYC Axing 777 School Workers

Bloomberg blames unions for biggest layoff of administration

(Newser) - New York City is slashing 777 Education Department jobs, sending school aides, family workers, parent coordinators, and drivers packing due to budget cuts, reports the New York Times . Teachers, however, are exempt from the biggest single-agency layoff since Michael Bloomberg became mayor in 2002, thanks to a deal brokered between... More »

Despite Money Woes, UC Gives $140M in Raises

Move designed to keep pace with union salaries

(Newser) - The University of California is in the midst of what’s advertised as its worst fiscal crisis ever, with lost state funds leading to tuition hikes and layoffs—but that’s not stopping it from handing out $140 million worth of merit-based raises, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The raises... More »

Britain Hit By Massive Public Worker Strike

Hundreds of thousands leave jobs over pensions

(Newser) - Britain’s public sector ground to a halt today as hundreds of thousands of workers walked off the job in protest of changes to their pension plans. Roughly a third of the country’s schools had to close, with many of the rest running on skeleton staffs, the New York ... More »

Wis. Protests: Districts Naming Teachers Who Called in Sick

Conservative groups make public records requests

(Newser) - Conservative groups are asking for the names of teachers who called in sick during the Wisconsin protests earlier this year, and most districts that were asked have released the names. The Madison School District, however, has denied several of the public records requests, fearing for the safety of its teachers,... More »

Wis. Prosecutor Files Lawsuit Against GOP

As Scott Walker defends plan to cut $900M from schools

(Newser) - A Madison district attorney has filed a lawsuit against Wisconsin’s Republican lawmakers, saying they violated the state’s open meetings law in their backdoor maneuver to pass a bill stripping public unions of most of their collective bargaining rights. The prosecutor, Democrat Ismael Ozanne, wants a judge to issue... More »

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