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Oceans May Be Out of Fish by 2050

UN warns of doomsday unless fishing industry changes

(Newser) - The world's oceans will run out of fish by 2050 at the rate fisherman are currently scooping them up, UN experts said yesterday, urging governments to impose limits that would allow populations to recover. “If the various estimates we have received come true, then … 40 years down the... More »

Fishing Ban Imperils Calif. Salmon Industry

There aren't enough fish to sustain industry: fishery heads

(Newser) - Plummeting populations have led to a federal ban on commercial salmon fishing off  California for the second straight year, raising fears that the industry will disappear altogether, the Los Angeles Times reports. "If we don't go fishing next year, we have to start thinking that salmon fishing in California... More »

Fishing Banned in Melting Arctic

Federal panel moves to block trawlers from newly accessible waters

(Newser) - A federal panel has voted to block fishing trawlers from moving into a vast area of the Arctic Sea made newly accessible by melting ice, the New York Times reports. The move will protect 150,000 square nautical miles of US waters north of the Bering Strait while scientists assess... More »

Ocean Sharks Face Extinction

Study finds severe effects of intentional, unintentional fishing

(Newser) - Ocean sharks are threatened with extinction, with 11 species designated “high-risk” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and five more also in danger. Sharks are dwindling from intentional fishing, which targets them for their meat and fins, and “bycatch” fishing that lands them in nets meant... More »

Alarmed Feds Cancel Salmon Season

Shocking plunge in numbers a mystery

(Newser) - In drastic action to stop the collapse of the West Coast salmon population, a federal fisheries council is banning salmon fishing off California and most of Oregon for the rest of the year, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. "This is a disaster," said the council chairman. The number... More »

Claws Célèbre: Maryland Plans Pinch on Crab Harvest

Drastic measures proposed to halt decline of Chesapeake crabs

(Newser) - Faced with the lowest catch in decades, Maryland is taking steps to help stem the blue crab's decline. Tough measures are being proposed that would cut the harvest of female crabs by up to 40%, the Baltimore Sun reports. The state says urgent action is needed to stop the Chesapeake... More »

Pacific Salmon Season in Peril

Incredibly low stocks prompt action from federal agency

(Newser) - A shortage of salmon in the waters along the Pacific coast has driven regulators to consider a ban on salmon-fishing this season, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The Pacific Fishery Management Council has never recommended canceling the season before, and about 1,000 commercial fishermen could see their livelihood devastated... More »

7 Stories