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New Trust Drug: Good for Shyness, Bad for Investing

Natural hormone makes people dumb with their money in experiment

(Newser) - Scientists have created a nasal spray that makes its users more trusting, the BBC reports. Made up mostly of oxytocin, alternatively nicknamed the “love hormone” or “cuddle chemical,” the spray decreases social fears by lowering activity in the amygdala. That should be great news for social phobics;... More »

Obama, Clinton Tied With McCain

Candidates in dead heat with voters who feel worse off than last election

(Newser) - Voters say they'd rather see a Democrat than a Republican in the White House—by a 50% to 37% margin, a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll finds—but when it comes to the two Democratic candidates still in the race, John McCain is going to be tough for either to... More »

2 Stories