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Weather Service Needs $36M to Avoid Furloughs

5K employees could be put on leave for 13 days this summer

(Newser) - The National Weather service plans to furlough as many as 5,000 employees for 13 days between July and September if a $36 million hole in its budget is not filled. The Weather Service is asking Congress for the money, asserting that the unpaid leave of employees will endanger critical... More »

'Occupy' Amasses $230K War Chest

Donations overwhelm $40-a-month UPS box

(Newser) - "Occupy Wall Street" has racked up $230,000 in donations and has a warehouse stacked with supplies ranging from peanut butter to tampons, the New York Post reports. Money orders, online donations, and about $1,000-a-day stuffed into a plastic jug in Zuccotti Park, New York, account for the... More »

House Progressives Release Their Own Budget

Ends Bush tax cuts, adds public health care option

(Newser) - As the budget debate continues, the House Progressive Caucus has released a plan of its own—and it's all about taxes. Their proposal would end the Bush tax cuts, add new tax brackets for millionaires, and raise corporate taxes. It would also add a public option to health care... More »

Obama to Mayors: Use Stimulus Cash Wisely

Officials can't betray the public's trust, president says

(Newser) - President Obama says the $787 billion economic package will help struggling cities, but both Washington and the mayors have a responsibility to spend the money wisely. "We have asked for the unprecedented trust of the American people to deal boldly with the greatest economic crisis we have seen in... More »

Cash Makes a Comeback

But cash isn't king for retailers, who'll likely see bigger drop in sales

(Newser) - Americans are reverting to cash for purchases in increasing numbers, according to top retailers Wal-Mart, Target and JC Penney. The shift away from credit is expected to further reduce spending by consumers—who will be limited to cash-on-hand purchases—not just during the holiday season, but during what could be... More »

States Fret as Road Salt Grows Scarce, Pricey

Last year's winter depleted reserves

(Newser) - Road salt is stressing state and municipal budgets as shortages drive prices up well past what local governments have paid in the past, USA Today reports. A harsh winter last year left many states with no salt reserves to carry over, meaning they have to fully restock at inflated prices.... More »

Senate Rejects Temporary Ban on Pork

Congress passes budget plans to roll back tax cuts

(Newser) - The Senate soundly rejected a bid to ban pork barrel spending for a year last night, despite the support of all three presidential candidates who returned to DC for a day of heavy voting, CNN reports. Both the House and Senate also passed budget plans—largely symbolic moves in an... More »

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