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Lawyer Sues to Stop Christmas Tunes Playing 16 Hours a Day

NYC attorney Nick Wilder says he can't take socialite Lisa Maria Falcone's display anymore

(Newser) - Nick Wilder says he enjoys a rousing rendition of holiday songs like "Jingle Bell Rock" as much as the next guy—but maybe just one rendition at a time, not around the clock every single day. That's the gist of the New York City attorney's suit he'... More »

The Global Elite Are Getting Worried—Finally

Unelected leaders must take some responsibility: David Frum

(Newser) - Today's global elite are "answering to constituents who grow more dissatisfied ... and information-rich," observes Ian Bremmer at the Huffington Post —and as they gather at Davos, they appear concerned about their "increasing vulnerability." That's a very good thing, notes David Frum: "Over... More »

Super-Nannies: Worth the Super Price Tag?

Adam Davidson probes elite world of New York nannies

(Newser) - Want an elite New York nanny? Adam Davidson considered hiring one until he saw the price tag: $180,000 a year plus Christmas bonus and a $3,000 apartment on Central Park West. "I should be her nanny," quips Davidson in the New York Times . So he probed... More »

Sarah Palin Could Learn Something From Marilyn

Maureen Dowd: We shouldn't aspire to be ignorant

(Newser) - One of Sarah Palin's greatest sins is that she's "made ignorance fashionable," writes Maureen Dowd. Palin, in fact, revels in it. "You struggle to name Supreme Court cases, newspapers you read and even founding fathers you admire? No problem." It just proves you're not some Ivy... More »

Generation of Rich Brats Sparks Chinese Anger

Lethal car accident, lenient sentence trigger wave of Internet outrage

(Newser) - Public outrage aimed at new generation of elites is widening class divisions as China prepares to mark 60 years of Communist rule, the Wall Street Journal reports. The sons and daughters of those who got rich after the economic reforms of the early '80s are widely seen as being above... More »

Reform's Biggest Hurdle: White America's Fear

(Newser) - The hallmark diversity of the United States is the biggest obstacle to a “federal social insurance system”—health care included, writes Michael Lind on Slate. The greatest strides toward a European-style safety net were made between World War I and the 1970s “when the foreign-born percentage of... More »

Sarkozy Makes an Un-French Call for Diversity

President vows to end 'equality' policy that ignores race, ethnicity

(Newser) - France has a long tradition of official blindness to race, ethnicity, and religion; all citizens, in theory, are equally French. But in practice, French companies are reluctant to hire employees with non-French names or addresses in ethnic neighborhoods, and France's 555-member parliament has only 1 MP of color. In a... More »

Conservatives Are Victims in Their Own Minds

GOP rages against elite while holding the reins of power

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh & Co. like to deride liberal America’s “culture of victimhood,” but these days, it’s conservatives who are acting like victims. The GOP is encouraging its supporters to feel aggrieved and besieged by snooty “elites,” writes Gregory Rodriguez in the Los Angeles Times.... More »

'Ivy Retardation' Curse of Elites

Inflated self-worth, narrow view of smarts disadvantage of life at top

(Newser) - Its advantages are undeniable, but an elite education can also cause a crippling case of “Ivy retardation,” as William Deresiewicz realized while struggling, despite fluency in several languages, to make small talk with his blue-collar plumber in Boston. “The best and the brightest” develop an inflated sense... More »

Obama Was Right About Pennsylvanian Bitterness

Real insult comes from decades of neglect by politicians, columnist writes

(Newser) - Barack Obama was “basically right on target” about Pennsylvania bitterness, the product of one small-town household says: John Baer, in the Philadelphia Daily News, writes that the people he grew up around were, and still are, angry. And they have a right to be, Baer adds: Blue-collar Pennsylvanians see... More »

Superclass Exposes Global Elite . . .Sort Of

Ultra-powerful rule the world, author argues, and that's not all bad

(Newser) - What do Bill Clinton, Osama Bin Laden, and Bono have in common? All are members of the powerful global elite that’s reshaping the planet, David Rothkopf argues in his new book Superclass. But Rothkopf’s isn’t a conspiracy-laden indictment, writes Salon’s Laura Miller. Rather, he contends that... More »

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