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Like VW, Fiat Chrysler Now in Trouble for Emissions

EPA accuses automaker's software of cheating on emissions levels

(Newser) - Less than 24 hours ago, Fiat Chrysler was anticipating hitting its 2018 financial targets. On Thursday, the automaker came under fire from the EPA, per Reuters , with the agency alleging Fiat Chrysler cheated on diesel emissions—just a day after six Volkswagen honchos were indicted in that company's own... More »

Fiat Says Its $1B Move Has Nothing to Do With Trump

Investment will create 2K jobs in Michigan, Ohio

(Newser) - Fiat Chrysler may have earned itself a gold star from Donald Trump with the announcement of a $1 billion investment in updating two plants in Michigan and Ohio, a move expected to create around 2,000 jobs by 2020. The company says a plant near Detroit will make new Jeep... More »

Fiat Heir's Claim That Escort Kidnapped Him Was a Lie: Cops

Lapo Elkann, 39, has been arrested

(Newser) - The stylish grandson of the Italian founder of Fiat Automobiles falsely claimed he was held against his will by an escort with whom he had spent two days consuming drugs and alcohol in New York, a law enforcement official told the AP on Tuesday. Lapo Elkann, 39, was arrested Saturday... More »

Jeep Owners Sue for Flaw That May Have Killed Star Trek Actor

Suit claims Fiat Chrysler should have done more to remedy gear shift issue

(Newser) - First came last year's hefty $105 million fine for recall lapses affecting more than 11 million vehicles. Then came the death Sunday of 27-year-old actor Anton Yelchin , whose recalled Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled and pinned him, per Jalopnik . Now Jeep Grand Cherokee owners have lobbed a class-action lawsuit against... More »

Pope's Tiny Car Makes Big Impression

'It's just such a perfect metaphor for his message'

(Newser) - Pope Francis' small black Fiat made quite an impression this week in Washington DC, buffered on either side by the large SUVs of his motorcade, NPR reports. "It looks like a clown car when they all get in it," a director of the Catholic University of America says.... More »

Small Cars Don't Do So Well in Crash Tests

Mini Cooper Countryman gets 'good' rating; Nissan, Mazda, and Fiat models tank

(Newser) - Not that we'd ever want this to happen, but if you're going to get into a crash in a tiny car, you might want to be in a four-door Mini Cooper Countryman. That's the only small car out of 12 tested that earned a "good" rating... More »

Fiat Nabs Rest of Chrysler— at a Pretty Good Price

Deal will make Fiat world's 7th-largest auto group

(Newser) - America's No. 3 automaker has gone Italian. Fiat yesterday announced it has struck a $4.35 billion deal with the United Automobile Workers retiree health care fund that will see it buy the 41.5% of Chrysler it doesn't own, the New York Times reports. Per the deal,... More »

Chrysler Files for IPO

Valued at up to $100M

(Newser) - The Chrysler Group has filed paperwork for an initial public offering for some of its shares—the first time the company's shares will be publicly traded since 1998, the AP reports. The move comes at the behest of a United Auto Workers retirement trust, which owns 41.5% of... More »

Sheen Is Back, With 2 Awesome Ads

Charlie shills for Fiat, DirecTV

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen's "episode" really is over : He returns to the small screen in two commercials AdWeek dubs "great," though both of them do poke fun at the "winning" tiger-blood drinker . In the first ad, Sheen touts the fun of house arrest—when you're an... More »

US Sells All Its Chrysler Stock to Fiat

The 6% stake will sell for $500 million

(Newser) - The Treasury Department has reached a deal to sell its remaining 6% stake in Chrysler to Fiat for $500 million, making the Italian automaker Chrysler’s majority shareholder with a 52% stake, the Detroit Free Press reports. Fiat will then pay another $75 million for the government’s right to... More »

Fiat Splits in Two, May Up Stake in Chrysler to 51%

But says it has no plans to merge operations

(Newser) - Fiat traded as two separate companies today, after spinning off its trucks and tractors units, which will henceforth be known as Fiat Industrial, from its passenger car business on Jan. 1. The move has been widely praised, and could lead to a tighter integration between Fiat and Chrysler, according to... More »

Chrysler Adds Fiats, Dumps Dodge, Jeep Models

Revamped automaker will reintroduce Alfa Romeo to US

(Newser) - Now four months out of bankruptcy, Chrysler is set to unveil a new business plan that relies heavily on models from Fiat, its Italian partner, and abandons many American cars. The company will reintroduce the luxury Alfa Romeo to the US and also bring in a Mexican-built Fiat 500, the... More »

Chrysler Plans to Build Fiat in Mexico

(Newser) - Chrysler is planning to produce a Fiat-branded subcompact car at a plant in Mexico, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal. The move may anger two key shareholders of the restructured automaker—the US government and the United Auto Workers. Workers at the Toluca, Mexico, plant are represented by a Mexican... More »

Jeep Wrangler Is Star of Reborn Chrysler

Sales actually up for 'original sport-utility vehicle' with WWII roots

(Newser) - With the Fiat-Chrysler alliance finalized, workers must get hopping to churn out more Jeep Wranglers, the military-vehicle-turned-adventure-ride that’s one of just three American cars whose sales are up this year. It’s “probably one of the main reasons why Chrysler is still here,” an auto analyst tells... More »

Done Deal: Fiat Buys Chrysler Assets

Administration triumphs as bankruptcy effectively ends

(Newser) - Chrysler finalized its sale of assets to Fiat with a government wire transfer this morning that gave Chrysler $6.6 billion in funds to exit bankruptcy, the New York Times reports. The sale is good news for the Obama administration, which sought an “efficient” restructuring for Chrysler. It may... More »

Supreme Court Won't Block Chrysler Sale

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has cleared the way for Chrysler's sale to Fiat, turning down a last-ditch bid by opponents of the deal. The court late today rejected a plea to block the sale of most of Chrysler's assets to the Italian automaker. With the court's move, the deal can now... More »

Ginsburg Delays Chrysler-Fiat Deal

(Newser) - Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg today put a temporary stay on the sale of Chrysler to Italian automaker Fiat, SCOTUSBlog reports. Ginsburg’s motion allows the justices to further consider the matter, and either postpone the sale or let it go forward. A full postponement of the sale would... More »

Foes Ask Supreme Court to Block Chrysler-Fiat Deal

(Newser) - Opponents of Chrysler's sale to Fiat are asking the Supreme Court to block the deal. Three Indiana state pension and construction funds filed emergency papers at the high court early today to put the sale on hold so they can pursue an appeal. The emergency request goes first to Justice... More »

Treasury Pushed Reluctant Chrysler Into Fiat Deal

(Newser) - The Obama administration foisted the Fiat alliance on Chrysler, brushing aside its concerns about Fiat’s financial health and unwillingness to share technology, the Wall Street Journal reports. E-mails filed during Chrysler’s bankruptcy proceedings show Fiat ignoring requests for documents, reluctant to ante up funds, and attempting to change... More »

Court OKs Chrysler Sale to Fiat, Starting Monday

(Newser) - A federal appeals court today approved the sale of Chrysler to Italian automaker Fiat over objections from debt holders in Indiana, the Wall Street Journal reports. The court put the sale on hold until Monday afternoon, or until the Supreme Court issues a stay—which Indiana investors say they will... More »

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