Alfa Romeo

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Chrysler Adds Fiats, Dumps Dodge, Jeep Models

Revamped automaker will reintroduce Alfa Romeo to US

(Newser) - Now four months out of bankruptcy, Chrysler is set to unveil a new business plan that relies heavily on models from Fiat, its Italian partner, and abandons many American cars. The company will reintroduce the luxury Alfa Romeo to the US and also bring in a Mexican-built Fiat 500, the... More »

Alfa Romeo Revs Up to US Market

Analysts skeptical due to weak earlier run at American buyers

(Newser) - Italian automaker Alfa Romeo is ready for a second run at the US market, hoping to provide a stylish alternative to BMWs and Audis, the Los Angeles Times reports. A cultural icon in Italy, Alfa failed to win over Americans in the past—and is now sparking skepticism from auto... More »

2 Stories