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The Most Dangerous City, State May Surprise You

Analysis finds the most violent city in every state

(Newser) - The rate of violent crime in the US has been steadily declining and is about half of what it was in 1991 when it peaked at 758 crimes for every 100,000 people. But that may be scant consolation for people living in the cities that have not benefited from... More »

Chance the Rapper Show in Conn. Got Really Wild

90 hospitalized, many severely intoxicated, as cops cited 50 for underage drinking

(Newser) - First responders probably aren't among those who enjoyed Chance the Rapper's show in Hartford, Conn., where more than 90 people, many of them underaged, were hospitalized with severe intoxication. It was a "busy night," per deputy police chief Brian Foley—so much so that CNN reports... More »

10 Unfriendliest Cities in the US

Who knew Delaware was so mean?

(Newser) - Planning an end-of-summer vacation? Better stay away from these US cities, apparently the kinds of places where locals will give you bad directions, then steal your wallet. Condé Nast Traveler asked travelers to rate the "friendliness" of US cities for its 2015 Readers' Choice Awards and received 128,000... More »

Scrooge McDuck Helps Crack Murder Case

Suspect sold custom-made gold chain with the character to local shop

(Newser) - In life, Miguel Rodriguez was apparently a big fan of Scrooge McDuck. In death, the cartoon character may have helped catch his killers. The Hartford Courant explains the weird case: The 25-year-old Rodriguez was shot to death on a city street this summer, and his killers stole a custom-made gold... More »

America's Smartest Cities

Sin City might want to rename itself Not-So-Bright City

(Newser) - Sure, we usually take into account jobs, culture, climate, affordability, and a host of other data when moving to another place, but do you really want to be surrounded by a city full of blithering idiots? The Daily Beast crunches the numbers and comes up with the smartest cities in... More »

Ten Dead American Cities

Buffalo and Flint lead the way

(Newser) - It's another cities-in-trouble list, although this one from 24/7 Wall St declares these "desolate urbanscapes" not just dying but dead. (For the usual reasons of population loss, manufacturing exodus, crime, etc.) Here's the top 5:
  1. Buffalo: "Wounded irreparably by the de-industrialization of America."
  2. Flint: It's simple:
... More »

Top City for Working Moms: Minneapolis

Forbes weighs women's salaries, safety, unemployment

(Newser) - With its low rates of unemployment and violent crime, combined with relatively high salaries for women, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area tops the Forbes list of best cities for working mothers. The magazine gave added weight in this year's rankings to women's income, and when the numbers were crunched, the Minnesota... More »

The 50 States' Grossest Dishes

From reindeer fat ice cream to 2-foot-long hot dogs

(Newser) - Some states are pudgier than others—here's looking at you, Texas—but none escapes this list of beloved yet fat-filled dishes. Health.com tracked down the worst offender in each of the flabby 50:
  • Alaska: Eskimo Ice Cream, a mix of blackberries and salmon berries—in reindeer fat and seal
... More »

Deadly Power Plant Explosion Rocks Conn. Town

At least 2 dead, dozens injured in Middletown blast

(Newser) - An explosion at a power plant in Middletown, Conn., has killed at least two people and injured dozens, according to officials in the Hartford suburb. "There are bodies everywhere," said a witness. A gas leak appears to have caused the blast, which was felt more than 10 miles... More »

FBI Sifts Trash for Clues to Missing Yalie

Investigators hope for hints in lab garbage

(Newser) - The FBI began investigating today a Hartford trash facility for any clues to the disappearance of Yale student Annie Le, the Hartford Courant reports. A spokesman says the FBI is looking for evidence in garbage from a New Haven laboratory where Le was last seen. Investigators have also started reviewing... More »

Arrest Made in 2008 Conn. Hit-and-Run

(Newser) - A year after a hit-and-run accident in downtown Hartford, Conn., captured international attention, and just days after the victim died of his injuries, police have made an arrest, the Courant reports. “The defendant appeared to have remained in the area for at least the past year and never made... More »

Hartford Mayor Arrested on Bribery Charges

Eddie Perez traded $40K in home work for access to city contracts: prosecutors

(Newser) - Hartford's mayor turned himself in today on charges of having a city contractor do $40,000 in work at his home and paying for it only after being confronted by investigators. Eddie Perez, a native of Puerto Rico and the first Hispanic mayor in the city's history, admitted "a... More »

Nonprofits May Be Future of Muckraking

Websites compete with city papers

(Newser) - Internet journalism has long been dominated by partisan commentary, gossip, and well-intentioned amateurs, but that’s all changing, the New York Times reports. Sites like VoiceofSanDiego or the St. Louis Beacon are doing serious, investigative journalism many a newspaper would envy at a fraction of the cost. Voice’s reports... More »

ACLU Blasts Town's 9pm Teen Curfew

Wave of shootings prompts Hartford to crack down

(Newser) - Connecticut ACLU officials are blasting a blanket 9pm teen curfew in Hartford and are considering challenging the crackdown in court, AP reports. The month-long curfew is due to begin tonight. The city announced the curfew after weekend shootings left one dead and 10 wounded. ACLU lawyers say the move violates... More »

Hartford Tries 30-Day Curfew to Curb Violence

Mayor acts after 3 more shootings over the weekend

(Newser) - The mayor of Hartford, Conn. has declared a 30-day curfew to help police get a handle on spiraling violence, the Courant reports. Starting Thursday, anyone under 18 can't be on the streets after 9pm. The city also is creating a prosecution task force and developing a "most watched list"... More »

Hit-and-Run Sparks Soul-Searching

Police chief blasts city amid violent incidents

(Newser) - A video of a 78-year-old hit-and-run victim lying paralyzed in the street has residents of Hartford, Conn., wondering what's wrong with their city, their society—and themselves. The police chief blasted Hartford this week after a wave of appalling, headline-grabbing incidents, including the savage beating of the deputy mayor and... More »

Schaefer, Hartford Shock Syracuse

Tsidale's 26 leads Baylor win, Rutgers routs Robert Morris

(Newser) - MaryLynne Schaefer hit a 3-pointer with 13 seconds left and then added two free throws to seal Hartford's 59-55 win over Syracuse in the first round of the NCAA women's tournament today, reports the Associated Press. Schaefer finished with 19 points for 10th-seeded Hartford. In other women's action: More »

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