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Now Turkey's Trying to Ban YouTube, Too

Leaked security meeting prompts 'administrative action'

(Newser) - Not content with having blocked/" eradicated " Twitter, Turkish authorities today blocked YouTube, after a video that appeared to show Turkish officials debating their next move regarding Syria leaked to the site. "After technical analysis and legal consideration … an administrative measure has been taken for this website,"... More »

Court Orders YouTube to Yank Anti-Muslim Video

Federal appeals panel sides with actress in 'Innocence of Muslims'

(Newser) - The anti-Muslim video that set off worldwide protests in 2012 can no longer be seen on YouTube. A federal appeals court today ordered Google to take down Innocence of Muslims, reports the San Jose Mercury News . The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 to back the request made... More »

HBO Posts Girls Premiere on YouTube

That means anyone can watch Season 3's first 2 episodes, for free

(Newser) - In a move that seems fairly out of character, HBO is putting the first two episodes of Girls' third season—which just aired last night—on the HBO YouTube page , where anyone can watch them for free as of 10am today. Why? The show's audience is very active online,... More »

Rebecca Black Releases "Saturday," Sequel to "Friday"

Apparently it's not as bad, but just as viral, as first video

(Newser) - Rebecca Black is back. Though Black said she wasn't working on any more "days of the week" songs, the viral YouTube star has released a follow-up to "Friday," tweeting, "IT IS HERE. YES. THE OFFICIAL SEQUEL TO FRIDAY. I PRESENT TO YOU, SATURDAY." And... More »

Teen With Cancer Finds YouTube Fame Before Death

Olivia Wise's Katy Perry cover gets Perry's attention

(Newser) - A 16-year-old with terminal brain cancer died Monday—but not before her YouTube cover of Katy Perry's "Roar" moved countless viewers, including Perry herself. After learning that she had exhausted her treatment options, Olivia Wise recorded the song in a Toronto studio in September. The video , which shows... More »

YouTube's Debut Awards Show Was ... Kind of a Mess

Critics weigh in on the 'YTMAs'

(Newser) - YouTube threw its first awards show last night, and the results were ... interesting. The unscripted show, directed by Spike Jonze and hosted by Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts, took place in New York City and was livestreamed on YouTube. Awards were handed out and artists offered up performances (er, "... More »

YouTube Preps Spotify Rival

Free and paid versions of subscription music service planned

(Newser) - Spotify will soon have a new rival in the subscription-music game—and the competition has video. YouTube is readying a subscription service of its own, insiders tell Billboard . It's set to include both free and paid versions. The free one will probably offer unlimited listening, even on mobile devices,... More »

Viral Video Maker Quits Job ... via Viral Video

Says it was the best way to

(Newser) - For the past two years, American Marina Shifrin has worked for Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese animator that does those hilarious and bizarre cartoon recreations of news stories. On Saturday, Shifrin created her final viral video: a message for her boss telling him or her that she quits, while dancing... More »

YouTube DUI Confessor Pleads Guilty to Killing Man

Matthew Cordle tells court he's guilty of vehicular homicide, drunk driving

(Newser) - Matthew Cordle has already confessed to killing a man while driving drunk—to millions of YouTube viewers —but today he made the confession where it really counts: in a courtroom. Cordle, 22, pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide and driving under the influence of alcohol in an Ohio court,... More »

Kimmel: I Was Behind Viral Twerking Prank

Video of woman catching on fire was faked by comedian

(Newser) - Odds are you saw it, and maybe you questioned it—but we guarantee you didn’t see this coming. This video went viral last week: a young woman Twerking in her bedroom, and apparently accidentally lighting herself on fire after falling. But last night on his show, Jimmy Kimmel revealed... More »

Man Indicted After DUI Video Confession

Matthew Cordle charged with aggravated vehicular homicide

(Newser) - A grand jury has indicted a man who admitted his drunken driving killed another man . Matthew Cordle’s YouTube confession has gotten well more than a million views since it was posted last week. And today, a grand jury indicted him on charges of aggravated vehicular homicide. Newsy reports: More »

Bizarre Music Video About Foxes Goes Viral

Norwegian entertainment duo Ylvis made the song to promote talk show

(Newser) - A new music video seeks to answer the pre-schooler-stumping question: What sound does a fox make? It's become an Internet sensation, racking up more than one million views in two days on YouTube. Newsy reports: More »

Gun-Slingin' Police Chief Blasts 'Libtards'

Pennsylvania's Mark Kessler in the spotlight

(Newser) - If Pennsylvania police chief Mark Kessler is trying to achieve name recognition on a level with Arizona's Sheriff Joe , he's off to a pretty good start. Kessler released a YouTube video earlier this month that has gone viral, the Lehigh Valley's Morning Call reports; in it, the... More »

YouTube Star Dies of Cancer at 13

Talia Joy Castellano gave makeup tutorials, won legions of fans

(Newser) - A 13-year-old girl who won a massive following on YouTube with her makeup tutorials and wise-beyond-her-years perspective on her cancer has died, reports the Huffington Post . Talia Joy Castellano's YouTube channel had more than 770,000 subscribers by the time of her death today. She appeared on Ellen DeGeneres'... More »

NSA Accesses Servers of Internet Firms: Reports

Guardian, Washington Post have scoop: Feds tapping in via secret 'PRISM' program

(Newser) - Charges that we live in a surveillance state are about to get much louder. The Guardian and the Washington Post are separately reporting about a previously unknown program known as PRISM that gives the federal government access to the servers of all the big Internet companies, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo,... More »

Tumblr Post Spurs 8-Hour Race to Stop Teen's Suicide

Sets off nationwide search for unknown blogger

(Newser) - Tumblr: It isn't all animated GIFs and Ryan Gosling. USA Today recounts the incredible story of how one teen's cry for help in a May 6 Tumblr post set off a nationwide search to find the girl before she committed suicide. It started when 18-year-old Jackie Rosas from... More »

Coming Soon: Paid YouTube Subscriptions

But only for 'specialist' channels

(Newser) - Might you soon have to pay for the privilege of watching a cat ride around on a Roomba ? YouTube is introducing subscriptions, possibly as soon as this week, but don't worry: They're only for "specialist" channels, the Financial Times reports. As many as 50 channels will... More »

'Cinnamon Challenge' Damages Lungs: Study

Spice powder poses danger for asthmatics, researchers find

(Newser) - Attempting the "cinnamon challenge"—a long-running online fad in which people try to swallow a dry spoonful of cinnamon powder—is an even worse idea than it may first appear, a new study warns. Researchers using data from tests on animals found that lungs became inflamed after exposure... More »

7th-Graders Named 12 Girls to Kill in Video: Police

20-minute video allegedly spoke of classmates they wanted dead

(Newser) - Two seventh-grade girls in New Jersey are in trouble after allegedly making a YouTube video threatening to kill 10 to 12 girls from their school, reports WNBC News . In the 20-minute video, which has since been taken down, they boasted of being good assassins and wanting to stab several classmates,... More »

Video Spurs Mystery: Are These Women Twins?

Internet helps them find out

(Newser) - The Internet is best known as a giant repository of cat pictures and Downfall parodies, but occasionally it has other uses. Case in point: Two South Korea-born women who met thanks to a YouTube video and connected via Facebook believe they are twin sisters separated at birth and have now... More »

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