F-15 pilots

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Friendly Libyans Injured in US Jet Rescue

Bombs dropped during mission to rescue downed airmen

(Newser) - The US military is facing questions over this week's mission to rescue two airmen following reports that several Libyan civilians were injured in the operation. The airmen ejected after their F-15 malfunctioned and landed in separate locations in rebel-held territory. Villagers claim shots were fired during one rescue and bombs... More »

US Jet Crashes in Libya

Mechanical malfunction blamed; both crew said to be safe

(Newser) - A US F-15E Strike Eagle jet has crash-landed about 25 miles southwest of Benghazi, the apparent victim of mechanical failure rather than Libyan fire. A Marine Corps Osprey search and rescue aircraft retrieved the pilot, while the second crew member, a weapons officer, was recovered by rebel forces and is... More »

Harry Praised by US Pilots

F-15 flyers note composure of then unknown Brit who called in airstrikes

(Newser) - American F-15 fighter pilots were impressed with the composure of the British soldier who called in air cover on Taliban entrenchments in Afghanistan in December. But for 2 months Capt. Ben Donberg and Col. Dan DeBree had no idea that "Widow Six Seven" was actually Britain's Prince Harry calling... More »

3 Stories