Gansu province

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28 Years After He First Struck, China's 'Jack the Ripper' Found

Gao Chengyong, 52, confessed to 11 murders, say police

(Newser) - The case of Jack the Ripper may have been solved—the Chinese version, that is. A serial killer who first struck in 1988 and is believed to have raped and killed 11 women and mutilated a number of them has been apprehended and confessed, state-run media report by way of... More »

Twin Quakes Kill 75 in China

400 hurt in Gansu province

(Newser) - A pair of earthquakes have killed at least 75 people and left some 400 hurt in China's Gansu province, the BBC reports. The quakes' magnitude measured 5.98 and 5.6 respectively, according to the US Geological Survey; Reuters puts the first quake at 6.6. There have been... More »

To Build Desert City, China Will Level 700 Mountains

Environmentalist, economists complain, but developer optimistic

(Newser) - Faith, as they say, can move mountains. But apparently $3.5 billion and an ambitious Chinese developer can flatten 700 of them. It's all part of a bold plan to create a metropolis called Lanzhou New Area on 500 square miles of arid land in China's Gansu province,... More »

Scores Dead, Thousands Missing After China Landslides

Torrential rain triggers flooding, mudslides in northwest province

(Newser) - More than 100 people are dead and 2,000 missing after heavy rains triggered flooding and landslides in a remote corner of northwest China. Tens of thousands of Gansu province residents were evacuated. Widespread power outages have slowed rescue operations, and sludge as much as 6 feet deep covers some... More »

China Finds Vast New Stretches of Great Wall

High-tech study finds hundreds of hidden miles

(Newser) - Chinese scientists have discovered huge sections of the Great Wall of China that have been concealed by sandstorms over time, reports the BBC. A high-tech study using infrared and GPS technology found that the barrier built to protect against northern invaders is up to 1000 miles longer than experts previously... More »

2,000 Chinese Rioters Mob Gov't Building in Quake Dispute

Violence erupts over unresponsive officials

(Newser) - An angry mob of some 2,000 people stormed Communist Party headquarters in a city in China's Gansu province last night to protest a decision to move the town's quake-damaged administrative center. The protest turned violent when officials refused to listen to complaints that families would have to move to... More »

China Clamps Down on Tibetans

Towns 'like armed camps' as Beijing tries to regain control

(Newser) - The Chinese government has acknowledged for the first time that  rioting has spread from Tibet into neighboring provinces, as it forcefully reasserted control, setting up roadblocks with armed police in areas with large Tibetan populations. In Gansu, hundreds of Tibetans, many on horseback, stormed a government compound, burned the Chinese... More »

Dalai Lama Calls for Tibet Probe

He says 80 protesters killed; Chinese soldiers clamp down in Lhasa

(Newser) - The Dalai Lama today called for an international investigation into China and accused it of engaging in "cultural genocide" in Tibet, the AP reports. The spiritual leader said 80 people have been killed in recent protests. Chinese soldiers and tanks patrolled the streets of the Tibetan capital of Lhasa... More »

8 Stories