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Senate Rejects Plan to Stop Airline Seats Shrinking

Amendment would have set seat size standards

(Newser) - Airline seats are getting smaller, Americans are getting bigger—and the Senate has decided the issue is none of its business. A proposal from Sen. Charles Schumer to do something about ever-shrinking airline seats and legroom was rejected Thursday by a 54-to-42 vote, with almost every Republican in the chamber... More »

Lawmaker Vows to Fight Ever-Shrinking Airline Seats

'Consumers are tired of being squeezed both physically and fiscally by airlines'

(Newser) - Cramped airline passengers, Steve Cohen speaks for you. The representative from Tennessee plans to introduce the Seat Egress in Air Travel Act on Thursday, USA Today reports. According to Consumerist , Cohen doesn't want to see airline seats continue to get smaller. The SEAT Act would force the FAA to... More »

'Horrible,' 'Evil' New Airline Seat Design Unveiled

'Economy Class Cabin Hexagon' unlikely to take off

(Newser) - A radical new concept for airplane seating has been unveiled in a patent application from a company called Zodiac Seats France—and initial reactions range from disbelief to disgust to sheer horror. The " Economy Class Cabin Hexagon " turns the middle seat in rows of three around, so one... More »

Sick of Bad Seatmates? Airline to Let You Cherry-Pick

...using social media, of course

(Newser) - Not fun: Being stuck next to a super-chatty traveler or big drinker on a long flight when all you want to do is sleep. The modern-day solution: Forget earplugs, just book on KLM, which will next year launch a service called "meet and seat." The move will allow... More »

Ryanair Passengers May Stand for Cheapest Tix

(Newser) - Passengers who really want to save money on Ryanair may soon be able to purchase "standing room only" tickets on the discount airline's flights, reports the Sun. Under the plan, passengers would huddle about "bar stools" with seat belts. Ryanair officials have already talked to Boeing about designing... More »

United Forces 'Seatmates of Size' to Buy Extra Ticket

(Newser) - United Airlines is coming down hard on its chubbier passengers with a new rule requiring those who can’t fit into one seat to buy another ticket, MSNBC reports. “Seatmates of size” are defined as the unlucky passengers who can’t buckle their seatbelts—even with an extension—or... More »

Obese? Court Backs Two Seats for One Fare

Those 'functionally disabled by obesity' get fare break in Canada

(Newser) - Obese air travelers in Canada who need two seats must be given the extra seat for free, Reuters reports. The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear an appeal from Air Canada and two other airlines after they failed to win a lower court appeal on the fare issue.... More »

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