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Cameron Hums Mystery Tune After Resigning

Hot mic picks up 'lament'

(Newser) - They're calling it "Cameron's Lament"—though some say it was actually a happy tune from a relieved man. British Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Monday that he will resign on Wednesday afternoon, and a hot mic caught him singing a few notes to himself as... More »

Rugby Player Pranks British PM

Manu Tuilagi apparently thought David Cameron looked good with bunny ears

(Newser) - Rugby player Manu Tuilagi has apologized to British Prime Minister David Cameron after punking him with bunny ears during a photo at Downing Street yesterday. Members of the Lions were invited to the PM's official residence following their 2-1 series victory over Australia this summer. The center took to... More »

Cameron Takes Reins in UK

Conservative becomes youngest PM in 200 years

(Newser) - Britain woke up to a new political era today with the first coalition government since World War II—an unlikely marriage between the Conservative Party and the left-leaning Liberal Democrats. With a handshake, smiles and waves, the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed his new coalition partner, Deputy Prime Minister... More »

David Cameron Will Succeed Gordon Brown

Tory-Liberal Dem coalition talks continue

(Newser) - Gordon Brown stepped down as prime minister and resigned as head of the Labour Party today, as it became clear that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are on the verge of forming a coalition government. David Cameron, the head of the Tories, is expected to visit Buckingham Palace today to... More »

Gordon Brown Offers to Step Down—Eventually

Move aimed to help talks with Liberal Democrats on coalition government

(Newser) - Gordon Brown has announced that he's stepping down as the head of the Labour party—some time before the party's next conference this fall—but that he'd like to remain prime minister until then if possible, the Guardian reports. Brown also announced that the Liberal Democrats would begin formal talks... More »

Cameron, Clegg Scramble to Form UK Government

Election leaves Liberal Dems in driver's seat

(Newser) - Britain's winner-less election has left both the Conservatives and the Labour Party furiously negotiating with and sucking up to Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrat party, with papers just as furiously live-blogging the comings and goings. Though they actually lost seats, the Liberal Dems have the power to determine who becomes prime... More »

Lockerbie Bomber: Was He Traded to Libya for Oil?

(Newser) - Opposition parties are turning up the heat on Gordon Brown after Moammar Gadhafi’s son said the fate of the Lockerbie bomber came up often in trade talks between Libya and the UK. Tories say that raises “serious questions” about 10 Downing St.’s role in the release... More »

Key Brown Aide Quits Amid 'Sex Smear Scandal'

Adviser planned to slander top rivals' wives on gossip site

(Newser) - A senior adviser to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has resigned after word leaked of a plan to smear opponents with sex rumors on a gossip website, the Guardian reports. In email exchanges with a blogger, Damian McBride discussed targets for the project, including the wives of top Conservatives. One... More »

Rowling Wows Obama—and Medvedev, Too

Prez praises Rowling; Michelle dines with high-flying women

(Newser) - Barack Obama took a break from the global economic crisis at a Downing Street G20 dinner this week, buttonholing JK Rowling to tell her that he had read all of her Harry Potter books—and had read them to his girls, the Telegraph reports. And Dmitry Medvedev did his US... More »

Obama Wraps Up Tour in London, Defends Trip

Candidate meets with Brown to close international tour

(Newser) - Barack Obama wrapped up his international tour today in London, chatting for two hours with PM Gordon Brown on Iraq, the economy, and the "special relationship" between the US and Britain. Obama, preparing to head home to Chicago, defended his trip to Europe and the Mideast as polls in... More »

Bush London Trip Sparks Clashes

Protesters battle cops; 25 busted

(Newser) - Hundreds of anti-war demonstrators clashed with London police as they protested President Bush's visit yesterday, reports the BBC. Protesters chanted "George Bush, terrorist!" but were kept out of the president's earshot as he arrived at 10 Downing Street. More »

Dalai Lama Won't Be Welcomed at 10 Downing

Brown draws fire for moving meeting

(Newser) - The Dalai Lama arrived in Britain today for an 11-day visit, during which he will give lectures and meet with senior religious and political figures. Gordon Brown won acclaim at the height of the Olympic torch protests for agreeing to meet the Tibetan leader. But now, writes AFP, the PM... More »

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