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Sprint Unveils 'Starter' Phone for Kids

$10 a month device aimed at 5- to 12-year-olds

(Newser) - Is your kid ready for her first cell phone? Sprint's hoping so, and the company wants to be the first to put a device in your 5- to 12-year-old's pocket. Its offering: the WeGo, which Sprint it marketing as "Safe. Simple. Secure." The no-frills phone contains... More »

Mom Spoke of Demons Before Driving Into Ocean

Ebony Wilkerson told police she was fleeing abusive ex-husband

(Newser) - The details surrounding how a pregnant mother managed to plow her minivan into the ocean with three kids on board just got more bizarre: Police say they pulled Ebony Wilkerson over hours before the incident after her sister reported that she was "not all here," NBC News reports.... More »

Heater Caused Fire That Killed 8 Kids, Mom

Victims found huddled together, may have tried to escape out window

(Newser) - Police have found the cause of a devastating house fire that killed eight children and their mother in western Kentucky yesterday. An electric baseboard heater ignited "some nearby combustibles" in a bedroom where most of the children, aged 4 to 15, were sleeping, police tell the Courier-Journal . LaRae "... More »

School Violence Sends 90K Kids to ER Every Year

10% of school injuries are intentional: study

(Newser) - "Intentional" injuries received at school send some 90,000 kids to the ER each year, a new study shows. There's only been a slight decrease in that figure over the past decade, in what researchers see as a disappointment. "With so much emphasis on school safety and... More »

No, Music Doesn't Make You Smarter

Samuel Mehr crashes the 'Mozart effect' myth in two new studies

(Newser) - Sorry to burst your bubble, parents, but all those piano lessons aren't helping to make your child the smartest kid on the block. Learning to play a musical instrument comes with a lot of good: It can bolster creativity, focus, discipline, and even self-esteem. But there's just no... More »

More Than One in 10 Kids Has ADHD: US

Figure keeps increasing, says CDC survey

(Newser) - The number of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder continues to rise, health officials say. The latest survey says more than one in 10 children has been diagnosed with it. ADHD has been increasing for at least 15 years. Experts think that's because more doctors are looking for ADHD,... More »

Today's Kids Can't Run as Fast as Parents Did

Children getting slower, fatter by the year

(Newser) - Today's children are the most sedentary generation in history and they would be easily trounced in a race with younger versions of their parents, a new study finds. Researchers—who looked at data involving millions of children in 20 countries over more than 40 years—found that today's... More »

Go the F--k to Sleep Guy: You're Terrible at Parenting

But then, so is everyone else: Adam Mansbach

(Newser) - It's appalling the way some parents are raising their kids. Just look around: There's that couple letting their children rot their brains with iPhones throughout an entire restaurant meal. Or that dad ripping a tutu off his son for fear it'll turn him gay. Or the mom... More »

Kids With Set Bedtimes Are Better Behaved

Not having a fixed bedtime is like having jetlag, say researchers

(Newser) - New research has uncovered one secret behind well-behaved kids: they have regular bedtimes. The study, published today in Pediatrics, asked parents and teachers to rank the behavior of more than 10,000 7-year-olds, finding those without a consistent bedtime were reported as more hyperactive and with more social and emotional... More »

4-Year-Old Confronted Mall Attacker—Who Freed Him

Attacker asked for forgiveness, uncle tells the 'Sun'

(Newser) - If true, it's pretty remarkable: After his mother was shot in the leg, a 4-year-old British boy trapped in the Kenya mall attack reportedly gave a militant some straight talk. "You're a bad man. Let us leave," Elliott Prior said, according to an interview with his... More »

Dad Charged in Children's Dirt-Pit Deaths

Jordan Arwood hit with two counts of involuntary manslaughter

(Newser) - Five months after the deaths of his daughter and nephew, a North Carolina man has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Police say Jordan Arwood, 31, had been digging with a backhoe, and without building permits, near where James Caldwell, 7, and Chloe Arwood, 6, were playing in a two-story-deep hole.... More »

Had a Baby Last Year? That'll Be $241K

And the price tag doesn't include college

(Newser) - If your middle-income family welcomed a baby last year and plans to raise him or her to the age of 18 (you may not want to anymore after reading this), you're looking at a $241,080 bill. That's according to a new USDA report, which sees the cost... More »

No Kids for Me, Thanks; There, I Said It

Meghan Daum explains her choice

(Newser) - The decision not to have kids seems to be entering the national conversation more and more, the Time cover on a "Childfree Life" being only the latest example. At the Los Angeles Times , Meghan Daum enters the fray: "Though I've offered hints in this column and elsewhere... More »

Dear DC: Kids Aren't Just for the Rich

It's time we started enacting policies that help parents: Kelly Diels

(Newser) - All of us, rich or poor, got here because our parents had children—yet these days, having kids is seen as a luxury to be enjoyed by the wealthy only, writes Kelly Diels on Salon . Celebrities are touted for wanting big broods, and rich people seem to parade their children... More »

Girl, 8, Shot Dead at Sleepover

Gunman on the loose with no clue as to motive

(Newser) - A young girl is dead after an innocent sleepover turned into a nightmare in Oakland on Wednesday night. Alaysha Carradine, 8, was shot and killed at a friend's apartment when a gunman rang the doorbell then proceeded to fire through the door, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Alaysha's... More »

Deadly Lunch Traced to India School's Headmistress

Husband ran grocery store that sold tainted cooking oil

(Newser) - The headmistress of the Indian school where 23 students died after eating a contaminated school lunch Tuesday may be to blame, say police, who are seeking the unnamed woman and her husband, who have since fled. Bihar's education minister says the headmistress's husband ran the grocery store where... More »

Feds Crack Down on Junk Food in Schools

New rules call for 'real food' snacks: fruits, veggies, whole-grains

(Newser) - School snacking is about to get a lot healthier. Starting in the 2014-2015 school year, treats like candy bars, fatty chips, and doughnuts won't be sold to kids during school hours; instead, they'll see choices like peanuts, granola bars, and fruit cups, USA Today reports. The new "... More »

Today's Legos Are Angrier

Happy plastic faces on the decline: study

(Newser) - Lego characters, it seems, are no longer living in a state of bliss. Once, the figures wore uniform smiles, whether they were gas station workers or hospital patients. Today, however, life has gotten more complicated: Since the 1990s, the number of angry Lego faces has climbed while the number of... More »

Suicide Jumper Lands On, Kills Girl, 5

South Korean girl dies in hospital of skull fracture

(Newser) - A tragedy turned horrific in South Korea on Wednesday, when a man's suicide attempt ended up killing a young girl, too. The man, described as age 38 or 39, jumped from the 11th floor of his apartment building in Busan, and landed on the five-year-old, reports CNN . He died... More »

Up to 20% of US Kids Have Mental Disorder

Prevalence has been increasing for years

(Newser) - The CDC is out with its first report on mental disorders and kids, and the bottom line is a pretty heavy one: 13% to 20% of kids between ages 3 and 17 now suffer from a mental disorder, per the AFP . And that has costly implications: The disorders spur $247... More »

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