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Aussie Kangaroos in Bloody Quest for Fast Food

Humans are the unfortunate victims in New South Wales

(Newser) - Perhaps this is revenge for a kangaroo's tourist-related death at a zoo in China. Wild kangaroos known to frequent the grounds of a psychiatric hospital near Lake Macquarie on Australia's east coast have been attacking some of the 3,000 tourists who visit each week, drawing warnings from... More »

Zoo Kangaroo Killed, One Injured Thanks to Terrible, Bored Visitors

Zoo patrons threw bricks, other objects to get marsupials to move around more

(Newser) - One kangaroo is dead and another is injured after visitors at a Chinese zoo hurled rocks and other objects at them in two separate incidents. The Straits Times reports the first pelting happened at the end of February (though China Daily says it happened in early April), when gawkers decided... More »

Cops: Man Killed Kangaroo in 'Abhorrent' Video

Melbourne man could get 2 years in jail

(Newser) - A Melbourne resident has been arrested for what environmental officials say was a "particularly abhorrent" case of animal cruelty. In a video viewed millions of times on the Chinese social media service QQ, the man can be seen using a hunting knife to kill a wounded Eastern gray kangaroo... More »

Comedian in Hot Water After Kangaroo Stunt

Things got out of hand, Mike Epps says

(Newser) - Not a good idea: bringing a kangaroo onstage for your comedy show and manhandling it. Mike Epps danced around onstage with a kangaroo during a show Friday night in Detroit; video of the incident shows another man on stage picking the animal up and carrying it around, the AP reports,... More »

Study Suggests Moms Take Preemies Out of the Incubator

Is kangaroo care better for kids, or are parents who do it simply better parents?

(Newser) - The age-old practice of mothers holding their naked newborns to their skin and nursing them appears to benefit children—specifically those who were born premature or small—two decades later. Researchers at the Kangaroo Foundation in Bogota, Colombia, revisited a group of preemies who were studied in the mid-1990s and... More »

Story Behind Man Punching Kangaroo Is 'Intense'

And perhaps not what it seems

(Newser) - Did a now-viral video of a man punching a kangaroo come out of Australia? Yes, of course. Should we be judging him for it? It depends on how you feel about dogs. The video, which has amassed more than 4.1 million views so far, was first posted on Facebook... More »

Cyclist: Kangaroo Ruptured My Breast Implants

Sharon Heinrich, 45, says she and pal were both hurt

(Newser) - A woman says she and a friend were injured when they were jumped by a kangaroo while cycling in an Australian wine region, the AP reports. Sharon Heinrich, 45, said Monday that she and her friend Helen Salter, 47, were cycling side by side along a tourist route in the... More »

Teen Allegedly Plotted Attack on Cops With Kangaroo Bomb

Aussie prosecutors say he was inspired by ISIS

(Newser) - April 25 is usually a day of solemn remembrance in Australia for those who've taken part in the country's wars, but this year's ceremonies may have come perilously close to being marred by a teen bent on terror. Prosecutors say 19-year-old Sevdet Besim plotted an attack to... More »

Wisconsin City: No, a Kangaroo Is Not a Service Animal

May we suggest a nice dog?

(Newser) - Officials have changed a southeastern Wisconsin city's rules on service animals after a woman took a baby kangaroo into a McDonald's restaurant. The Beaver Dam Daily Citizen reports the city's Common Council voted 14-0 Monday night to define a service animal as a dog or miniature horse,... More »

Zoo's Baby Kangaroo Stolen From Mom's Pouch

Wisc. zoo pleads for return of stolen animals

(Newser) - Baby kangaroos are supposed to be with their mothers until they're at least a year old, say worried staff at the Special Memories Zoo in Wisconsin. But a baby kangaroo was stolen right from its mother's pouch at the zoo's winter holding facility last week, and the... More »

'Therapy Kangaroo' Kicked Out of Wisc. McDonald's

Even though woman says she has a doctor's note

(Newser) - While she may not have been hopping mad, a Wisconsin woman certainly wasn't happy about being told to leave a McDonald's in Beaver Dam with the animal she says is her support kangaroo. According to TMJ4 , police told Diane Moyer to leave the restaurant after a customer complained... More »

Ancient Giant Kangaroos Too Heavy to Hop

Their lumbering gait may have been their undoing

(Newser) - It isn't just recently that humans have hunted animals to extinction. It appears that 100,000 years ago a giant kangaroo lived in the Australian Outback, where it walked instead of hopped. But perhaps due to its slowness, the creature was an easy target for hunters who arrived somewhere... More »

The Surprising Way Kangaroos Use Their Tails

Critters use it like a fifth leg

(Newser) - Red kangaroos, the largest of the kangaroo species in Australia, don't just use their tails to jump high and fast. When they're grazing for food, in fact, their tails are able to generate enough force that they propel the kangaroo rather like a fifth leg—a trait scientists... More »

Scientists Crack Code of Kangaroo's DNA

Decoding could lead to new antibiotics, hope for wombats

(Newser) - What makes the kangaroo hop? That’s just one of the questions answered by international researchers who’ve decoded the genome of a kangaroo species, the BBC reports. The genome research team—the first to be led by Australian scientists—sequenced the genome in 2008 but finally completed its analysis... More »

Woman, 94, Battles Rogue Kangaroo

Broom-wielding Outback woman fights off attacking roo

(Newser) - The Australian Outback is home to millions of kangaroos—and some very tough old ladies. Phyllis Johnson, 94, is recovering in a local hospital after being attacked by a fully grown red kangaroo as she was hanging up her washing. The animal rained down kicks before she managed to fight... More »

Depressed Woman Fights to Keep Therapy Kangaroo

Says the animal put a bounce in her step, but city officials worry

(Newser) - A woman in Oklahoma suffering from depression has found an unusual therapy pet—a 25-pound, partially paralyzed, one-year-old kangaroo—but city officials are unsure whether to allow her to keep it, reports the AP . "There's just a myriad of things we need to consider," said the town mayor.... More »

UK Pizza Joint's New Topping: Zebra

It's legit, says owner, but animal-rights types dislike

(Newser) - A pizza joint in northwest Britain is the country’s first to offer zebra meat as a topping—and not only is it legit, it’s on menu that also includes buffalo, kangaroo, and crocodile. “The main thing I get from customers now is that they don’t believe... More »

Aussie 'Kangatarians' Jump at New Diet

Converted vegetarians love the taste of free-roaming kangaroos

(Newser) - Some Australian vegetarians have embraced the “ethical and environmental” acceptability of kangaroo meat and are now “kangatarians.” The name was “a bit of a joke initially,” an advocate tells the Telegraph , but the phenomenon is real. Kangaroos run wild, eat naturally, are killed humanely, and... More »

'Roo On the Lam in Germany

(Newser) - The silly season has reached its peak: Der Spiegel reports a lost kangaroo hopping through the western German countryside. Locals have spotted the stray marsupial on a highway and a sports ground, but nobody has been quick enough to catch it. With no zoos or kangaroo farms reporting a lost... More »

Aussie Surfer Saves Skippy the 'Roo From Jaws

Aussie man bounds into action after swimming kangaroo gets in trouble

(Newser) - An Aussie surfer saved a kangaroo from near-certain death in shark-infested waters, reports the Times of London reports. John McCallum watched dumbfounded from the beach as the 'roo hopped straight into the ocean and was pulled 200 yards offshore by a dangerous rip. He then jumped on his board and... More »

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