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Funeral Director in Blog Post: 'F--- You, Opioids'

He says he's not prone to profanity, but he's overwhelmed by what he's seen

(Newser) - A New Jersey funeral director heartbroken and overwhelmed at the opioid deaths he's seen in his line of work minced no words in a blog post he published on the funeral home's website this week. "F**k you, Opioids," reads the headline of the post on the... More »

Family Sues Mortuary After Body Left in Garage 2 Years

Remains of 3 others were also found

(Newser) - After 50-year-old Brigitte Godfrey died of an asthma attack in March of 2013, her family contacted Living Waters Funeral Home near Chicago to cremate the body, reports Courthouse News Service . That never happened: Two years later, Godfrey's corpse was found with three other bodies and a bag of organs... More »

Thief Steals Wedding Ring Off Woman in Open Casket

Family says skin was ripped from dead woman's finger

(Newser) - A Texas woman was caught on surveillance video stealing a wedding ring off the finger of a dead woman Friday, the Odessa American reports. The body of Lois Hicks, 88, was in an open casket at Odessa's Sunset Funeral Home. The woman's family had just left the funeral... More »

After Their Child Ended Up in Trash, Couple to Get $28M

Catheryne Lucero, Raul Manzano's son was supposed to be cremated

(Newser) - Catheryne Lucero and Raul Manzano thought the body of their infant son, who died soon after his birth on Sept. 1, 2014, was being cremated. Instead, his remains ended up in a dumpster behind a gas station in North Miami, Fla., four days later. Now the couple have been awarded... More »

Family: Wrong Woman Was in Casket at Grandma's Viewing

And no one seems to know where Virginia Gray's body went

(Newser) - When Virginia Gray's grandkids went to Horton's Funeral Home last Friday to pay their respects to the DC matriarch, who had died at the age of 83 in mid-February, they were prepared to say their final goodbyes, News4 reports. But although her family recognized the clothing on the... More »

'Obsessed' Man Eyed in Stolen Corpse Case

Police say there isn't enough evidence to make an arrest

(Newser) - San Antonio police haven't been able to recover Julie Mott's body —stolen from a chapel hours after her funeral on Aug. 15—but they do have a potential suspect in the case. Police say the last man to leave the chapel that day was a male in... More »

Why Women Make Good Funeral Directors

Women say patience, empathy help them rise in profession

(Newser) - Walk into your nearest funeral home, and you're more likely than ever to see a woman running the place—a development that some female directors attribute to traditional feminine qualities like patience and empathy. "I'm not man-bashing, but families find a comfort level with a female funeral... More »

Jonestown Victims Found in Old Funeral Home

Officials identify 9 from 1978 massacre

(Newser) - Officials have uncovered the remains of nine victims from the terrifying 1978 Jonestown Massacre, which left more than 900 people dead from drinking a punch spiked with cyanide, the News Journal and Daily Mail report. Forensics investigators confirmed the find at a funeral home in Dover, Delaware, among 38 other... More »

Evicted Funeral Home Leaves Bodies Behind

Cops find several decaying corpses in Texas building

(Newser) - Police who found at least seven corpses in a building in Fort Worth, Texas, yesterday quickly determined there was no serial killer at work—but there were funeral directors who had apparently moved out with work unfinished. Police say the building's owner evicted the Johnson Family Mortuary two weeks... More »

'Dead' Man Wakes Up —in Body Bag

Walter Williams kicked as workers prepared to embalm him

(Newser) - Funeral home workers preparing to embalm a 78-year-old in Mississippi this week were startled when the man's body bag ... started moving. It turns out Walter Williams, um, wasn't as dead as he was supposed to be and was kicking to be unzipped, WAPT reports. Williams was pronounced dead... More »

With New Lawsuit, Gym-Mat Death Case Gets Stranger

Kendrick Johnson's parents allege funeral home tried to 'interfere' in investigation

(Newser) - The latest in the mysterious death of a Georgia teen found in a rolled up gym mat last year: The parents of Kendrick Johnson are suing the funeral home that handled their son's body. They're alleging negligence and fraud, and claiming Harrington Funeral Home removed Kendrick's organs... More »

Biggest US Funeral Company Grows Despite Fears, Protests

Services Corporation International already owns 1,800 funeral homes

(Newser) - Vladimir Belostotsky was bowled over by the bill for his mom's funeral: $9,000. Luckily a lawyer helped him cut the fee by more than half, but he's still resentful that the Maryland funeral home overcharged him. "They take advantage of people in need," he said.... More »

Did Marissa Mayer Just Buy a Funeral Home?

Sources at funeral home say 'yes,' owner says he doesn't know

(Newser) - Is Marissa Mayer getting out of the tech business and into the ... death business? Probably not, but sources at Palo Alto's oldest funeral home tell the Palo Alto Weekly that the Yahoo CEO just bought their 1.16-acre property, a block away from her home. But the funeral home'... More »

Grieving Relatives Find Stranger in Casket

Father was cremated against his wishes

(Newser) - When Jerry Moon's relatives opened his casket during his funeral for a final look at their loved one, they were horrified to find the corpse of a stranger with a plastic bag over his head. The body of a 97-year-old man who died in hospice care had somehow been... More »

Tamerlan's Undertaker: 'I'm Not Honoring a Terrorist'

Owner of Worcester funeral home believes everyone deserves decent burial

(Newser) - Burying Tamerlan Tsarnaev isn't for the faint of heart—protesters gathered last night around a funeral home where the Boston bomber's body was initially taken after the state released it —but Peter Stefan is determined to do it. "I'm not honoring a terrorist," Stefan... More »

Wrong Baby Buried at Houston Funeral

Funeral home: 'Occasionally mistakes happen'

(Newser) - A Houston couple got a shocking call after last Saturday's memorial service for their stillborn child: Their baby was still in the funeral home, its directors said. The wrong child had been buried, KTRK-TV reports . "I'm still in shock," says mom Mercedez Uscanga. "I didn'... More »

SC Funeral Home Adds ... Starbucks

Would you like a mocha to go with your mourning?

(Newser) - Think of the last funeral you attended. Wouldn't it have been so much better if you had a fresh cup of Starbucks brew in your hand? That's apparently the idea at South Carolina's Robinson Funeral Home, where mourners will find an outpost of the coffee chain beginning... More »

Bad Economy Boosts Cremations Over Burials

They're getting even more popular, with families citing savings

(Newser) - The dismal state of the economy has prompted more Americans to choose cremation over traditional burial services to save money, reports the New York Times . Cremations have been steadily rising in popularity since 1985 (41% now vs. 15% then) but the spike has been more pronounced in the last decade.... More »

'Dead' Baby Cries Before Burial

Startled undertaker was prepping newborn for her funeral

(Newser) - It was almost a miracle: A Brazilian baby believed to be dead started crying at the funeral home where an undertaker was about to prepare her for burial, reports the AP . Cops say doctors declared the infant dead yesterday, moments after her 14-year-old mother gave birth to her two months... More »

Funeral Homes the New Spot for Weddings

If you can get over the creep factor, they're cheaper and just as classy

(Newser) - Til death do us part, indeed: Funeral homes across the country are opening their doors to events centered around the living, from weddings to holiday parties, reports USA Today . It may seem a wee bit creepy, but as far as venues go, it's cheaper, and often just as classy. The... More »

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