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Whoops: Malaysia Airlines Plane Flies the Wrong Way

Pilot noticed plane out of New Zealand was flying south instead of north

(Newser) - Searchers are still looking for the rest of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 , while the airline's Flight 17 downed in Ukraine remains the subject of a criminal investigation . Now a new incident has come to light, and it isn't likely to help the airline's reputation: A Christmas Day... More »

Cops Deliver Christmas Baby

Montreal officers bring teddy bears to newborn boy

(Newser) - A baby boy making an unexpected entry into the world early Christmas morning was delivered by two police officers in Montreal. They were flagged down by the frantic father around 3am and helped the mother deliver the 32-week, premature boy in the family car, reports the CBC . They helped them... More »

Father, Son Drown in Dangerous Cave Dive

They were testing out new equipment given as a Christmas gift

(Newser) - A father and son are dead after attempting an advanced Florida cave dive using the brand new equipment the teen had received as a Christmas present, Fox News reports. Darrin Spivey and his son, Dillon Sanchez, 15, were last seen alive while suiting up for a dive down to Eagle... More »

Christmas Fire Kills 3 Siblings in Louisiana

10 family members, including 6 kids, escaped with minor injuries

(Newser) - It was a Christmas morning that nightmares are made of: A fire ripped through a mobile home in Louisiana in the early hours yesterday, killing three siblings and landing their parents in a hospital burn unit, WDSU reports. The fire started in the kitchen and living area where four children,... More »

Pictures of Christmas Around the Globe

(Newser) - As Pope Francis delivers his inaugural "Urbi et Orbi" Christmas message and President Obama hails a merrier Christmas for US troops , planet Earth is getting into the holiday spirit. A look around the globe as it celebrates in midnight masses and Santa hats, as per the AP . More »

Why Christmas Should Be on January 25

It gives us more time, less stress: Erin Gloria Ryan

(Newser) - Face it: Nobody likes the end of the year. You spend a ton of money on gifts and travel, plus you have to shove so many Christmas activities into the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you barely get to enjoy any of them. Which is why, on Jezebel , Erin... More »

Newtown Police Force Gets Christmas Day Off

Cops from nearby communities step in

(Newser) - A big gesture of support for police officers in Newtown, Connecticut: Cops have from nearby communities have stepped in to patrol the town today, meaning the entire Newtown police force gets Christmas Day off, reports CNN . "It's a police thing," says a lieutenant from Shelton, Connecticut. Between... More »

McDonald's to Franchises: Open Doors on Christmas

They could make $5.5K each, apparently

(Newser) - Ho ho humbug? McDonald's is pushing its franchisees to stay open on Dec. 25, with a memo sent by corporate last month calling Christmas Day "our largest holiday opportunity," according to Ad Age . It estimates that the 6,000 restaurants that stayed open on Thanksgiving brought in... More »

Conn. House Fire Kills 5

'My whole life was in that house,' survivor says

(Newser) - A pre-dawn blaze tore through a million-dollar house in Stamford, Conn., this Christmas morning, killing three children and two adults in what the town's mayor called "a terrible, terrible day for the city of Stamford. There probably has not been a worse Christmas day in the city of... More »

Sans Philip, Royal Christmas Goes on

Elizabeth's clan hits church, attracts crowds

(Newser) - Britain's Prince Philip remained hospitalized today, recovering from coronary stenting , but the royal show must go on, and so it did: Queen Elizabeth and her entire brood attracted throngs of Brits as they attended Christmas services this morning at the queen's retreat in Sandringham. Kate, in her first... More »

Christians Usher in Christmas

Pope calls for peace in Syria, pilgrims gather in Bethlehem, and NORAD's phone rings off the hook

(Newser) - Pope Benedict called for an end to the violence in Syria and urged Christians to "see through the superficial glitter" as he led the celebration of Christmas in his annual Urbi et Orbi address. "May the Lord bring an end to the violence in Syria, where much blood... More »

Your Friendly NORAD Operator: Michelle Obama

First lady takes kids' calls, questions

(Newser) - For little kids who just wanted to know what time Santa was going to hit the roof, the voice at the other end of the phone might have raised other questions: "Hello, this is the first lady, Michelle Obama, with NORAD, tracking Santa. How can I help you?" While... More »

Feds Warned of Second Christmas Day Attack

Plot would have targeted New York City

(Newser) - Was there almost a second Christmas Day attack? Early last December, overseas intelligence alerted the US of a plot to blow up a bomb in New York City on Christmas, according to an FBI report acquired by Fox News . “The final target of the attack was not known, but... More »

Obama Team Afraid to Mention 'Radical Islam'

They keep downplaying terrorists' jihadist connections

(Newser) - The Weekly Standard rips into the Obama administration's anti-terror record in a scathing new essay. Stephen F. Hayes and Thomas Joscelyn accuse the administration of failing to detect three plots beforehand (Times Square, the Christmas Day attempt, and Fort Hood), taking credit for dumb luck when two of the attempts... More »

Facebook the No. 1 Christmas Website

Social network crowds out Google and Yahoo for first time

(Newser) - Facebook got a big present this holiday season: It was the No. 1 US website on Christmas and on Christmas Eve. Facebook, which lagged behind Google in second place last year, trounced that site and rival Yahoo—though the search engines generated more traffic throughout the balance of the year.... More »

This Isn't '2001 All Over Again'

Ignore the alarmists and recall how safe the last 8 years have been

(Newser) - No matter how fear-mongers spin it, Friday’s terror attempt on Northwest Flight 253 “was not 2001 all over again,” Walter Shapiro writes. GOP Rep. Pete King and others can wax "apocalyptic" about what “would have been remembered forevermore as the Christmas Day massacre,” but... More »

A Christmas Story at 25: Stealth Classic

Industry born on collectors items, museum, and conference

(Newser) - After 25 years, devotees of A Christmas Story and its wacky realism still tune in to regular holiday showings, including an annual 24-hour marathon on Christmas Day. Just as Star Trek has Trekkies, A Christmas Story has Ralphies, named after Ralphie Parker, a 9-year-old desperate for a BB gun. CNN ... More »

Report Rips Zoo in Tiger Attack

Facility was understaffed and unprepared for emergency

(Newser) - When a 243-pound tiger escaped its pen and began mauling Christmas Day visitors, the San Francisco Zoo was painfully understaffed and ill-equipped to respond to the emergency, according to a new report. "The zoo is too often chasing problems," concluded the independent Association of Zoos and Aquariums of... More »

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