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Obama Blamed Fox News for Political Woes

David Corn's 'Showdown' also reveals Obama's 'secret strategy' with GOP

(Newser) - President Obama accused Fox News of hobbling his political success by repeatedly saying he's a Muslim, according to a new book on his administration. During a closed-door meeting with labor leaders in 2010, Obama said he was "losing white males" who watch Fox News and "hear Obama... More »

WikiLeaks: US Gave Russia Details on UK's Nuke Arsenal

American negotiators reportedly gave up serial numbers of Trident missiles

(Newser) - Now that the "New Start" treaty between US and Russia is in effect , just how did it come to be? The Telegraph says the US got Moscow to play along by giving up some of Britain's nuclear secrets. Citing WikiLeaks documents, it says the US turned over the serial... More »

It's Time for the US to Sign a Nuclear Test Ban

START was a good first step, but let's get serious

(Newser) - The START treaty was a great first step in the quest for a nuclear-free world, but now that it’s ratified “we can speak of a serious step forward for both countries,” writes Mikhail Gorbachev in the New York Times . That serious step: a complete ban on nuclear... More »

START Clears Hurdle in Russian Parliament

But it'll need to do it twice more to pass it

(Newser) - The Russian parliament voted 350-58 to give its initial blessing to the START deal today, after the first of three required readings of the document. But it put off the other readings, and the final vote, until after a New Year’s vacation that ends Jan. 11, the AP reports.... More »

Most Productive Congress Since 1960s Adjourns

111th passed vast legislation in 'dysfunctional' environment

(Newser) - The 111th Congress adjourned last night, after passing more key legislation that affected more Americans than any since Lyndon Johnson’s 1960s “Great Society,” Bloomberg reports. That included $1.67 trillion spent to save the economy, health insurance for 32 million people, and new regulations on Wall Street;... More »

What the START Treaty Actually Does

Us-Russian treaty expected to pass today

(Newser) - START, the US’ new nuclear arms treaty with Russia, is expected to pass today, after a good bit of political wrangling . So just what does this new treaty mean? The AP breaks it down:
  • Limits on nuclear weapons: Each side will have to reduce their ready-to-launch nuclear arsenals to a
... More »

Nuclear Arms Treaty Clears Biggest Senate Hurdle

Vote to end debate makes passage all but certain tomorrow

(Newser) - It looks like President Obama's full-court press on the New Start treaty will give him his top foreign policy priority of the year. The Senate today voted 67-28 to end debate on the nuclear arms pact with Russia, all but assuring final passage tomorrow. Democrats needed at least nine Republicans... More »

GOP Support Grows Ahead of START Vote

Scott Brown is on board; Corker, Gregg likely

(Newser) - Things were looking bleak yesterday for the New START arms treaty—but that was yesterday. Following a closed-door meeting, GOP Sen. Scott Brown said he’d vote for the treaty and two other Republicans said they would likely support it, giving supporters enough votes to push it through as voting... More »

START Treaty in Trouble

Senate GOP leaders will vote against nuke treaty

(Newser) - Harry Reid says the Senate's choice on the START Treaty is simple—"You either want to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists or you don’t"—but the political reality is proving to be a lot more complicated. Top Senate Republicans Mitch McConnell and Jon... More »

Obama Drops Reagan's Name in Push for START

Without arms treaty with Russia, we would undercut Reagan's call

(Newser) - With the tax bill under his belt, Obama is moving on, with a fresh push for congressional approval of the new START treaty. In this morning's weekly radio address, the president did a little name-dropping while calling for bipartisan support of the nuclear arms treaty with Russia, which would replace... More »

Sarah Palin to Senate: Vote Down New START

Former Alaska guv believes new treaty 'makes no strategic sense'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin comes out swinging against New START, the nuclear arms reduction treaty currently being considered for ratification by the Senate, in a National Review op-ed. The treaty is not "in America's interest," the former Alaska governor writes, as it "requires the US to reduce our nuclear... More »

Sen. Wyden Has Prostate Cancer, May Miss Votes

Democrat will undergo surgery next week

(Newser) - Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden has been diagnosed with early-state prostate cancer and will undergo surgery next week. The long-term prognosis is good for the 61-year-old from Oregon, but he will miss votes tomorrow and next week, potentially complicating Democratic efforts to gather 60 votes to pass measures including the START... More »

Lame Duck Congress Looks to Pass All or Nothing

If House doesn't approve tax deal, nothing will get done

(Newser) - Congress is about to pass lots of major legislation—or nothing at all. The House’s dilemma: If it tries to change the Senate’s $858 billion tax bill, the Senate won’t have time to vote on repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the DREAM Act, START, or... More »

Reid: Senate Can Work Past Christmas

GOP accuses Reid of dissing holiday

(Newser) - Senators dreaming of Christmas turkey should be thinking more about lame duck, Harry Reid warns. The majority leader says that after the tax cut deal is passed, he wants to address the START treaty, the DREAM Act, health care for 9/11 first responders, and the Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal,... More »

The Unique (and Growing) Role of Joe Biden

VP fights for White House in Congress, abroad

(Newser) - If it seems like Joe Biden was just waxing poetic about “the first mainstream" black guy who's "bright and clean," then you probably won't recognize the fierce veep who defended the boss last week, shouting at whining Dems, "There's no goddamned way I'm going to stand... More »

Romney: START Must Be Stopped

Mitt Romney: Obama's rushing a dangerous treaty

(Newser) - President Obama is trying to rush the New START treaty through Congress—but it’s far too important not to explore thoroughly before a decision is made, writes Mitt Romney in the Boston Globe . The president has already gotten Congress to speed through his stimulus package and health care reform.... More »

Kissinger, Powell, et Al.: Ratify New START

Kissinger, Powell, Baker call on Senate for 'essential' vote

(Newser) - The New START treaty got some serious firepower behind it this morning, with the past five Republican secretaries of state writing a Washington Post op-ed in its support. "Although each of us had initial questions about New START," write Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Baker III, Lawrence Eagleburger... More »

Putin: We'll Use 'Strike Forces' Against Missile Shield

Russian PM even warns of 'new nuclear technologies'

(Newser) - If NATO builds a missile shield near Russia without Russia’s help and involvement, the Kremlin will deploy “strike forces” and even “new nuclear technologies” in response, Vladimir Putin warned last night in an interview with Larry King. Asked about Dmitry Medvedev’s “ new arms race ”... More »

Tea Party's Next Target: Dick Lugar

As he bucks GOP party line, challengers line up

(Newser) - Dick Lugar gets the "maverick" treatment from the New York Times and Politico, with both suggesting that the Indiana Republican's willingness to buck his own party on key issues leaves him vulnerable to a Tea Party primary challenge in 2012:
  • Politico : Tea Party candidates are already "lining up
... More »

Psst, Obama, Russia Is No Longer an Enemy

Krauthammer: The START treaty is a useless diversion

(Newser) - President Obama's big priority of the moment is the New START treaty with Russia, to which Charles Krauthammer says, "Good grief." You'd think the president would have more important things to worry about than this irrelevant deal, he writes at the Washington Post . "A nuclear exchange between... More »

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