National Do Not Call Registry

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New Rules Should Cut Down on Robocalls

FCC clamps down on telemarketers again

(Newser) - Still getting robocalls or calls from telemarketers around dinner even though you diligently added your name to the do-not-call registry? The FCC issued new rules today intended to tighten up loopholes and put an end to the ringing, reports USA Today . Among them:
  • Telemarketers must get written permission before calling
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USPS Defends Its 'Life Blood:' Junk Mail

Postmasters, big mailers have helped stall state legislation

(Newser) - The US Postal Service, dependent upon junk mail, appears to be successfully fighting efforts to staunch its flow, the Washington Post reports. Though 18 states have introduced do-not-mail bills, none has passed, thanks in part to resistance from postmasters nationwide. "The post office and the business groups are pretty... More »

2 Stories