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News Anchor Fired Over Facebook Post

She invoked black stereotypes in post about mass shooting

(Newser) - A Pittsburgh news anchor has been fired over a controversial Facebook post about a mass shooting in the city earlier this month. "You needn't be a criminal profiler to draw a mental sketch of the killers who broke so many hearts two weeks ago Wednesday," Wendy Bell... More »

Pregnant CNN Anchor Faints On the Air

Poppy Harlow says she's going to be OK, as is her unborn baby

(Newser) - "Mondays, amirite?" That's how Timothy Burke describes Poppy Harlow's morning in his Deadspin post about the CNN anchor's scare on the air. Harlow was in the middle of a live CNN Newsroom broadcast on anti-ISIS efforts Monday when she suddenly started slurring her words while explaining... More »

News Anchor Defends Why She Rolls Her R's

'Certain words just sound better when said in their natural way': bilingual anchor

(Newser) - Donald Trump doesn't think Jeb Bush is setting a very good example for Americans when he speaks Spanish, but a bilingual Arizona news anchor is likely in the Bush camp on this one. Vanessa Ruiz—who was born in Miami, grew up in Colombia, and studied in Spain before... More »

News Anchor Loses It During Kardashian Segment

"This family, I'm sick of this family!": Florida's John Brown

(Newser) - It can be mentally and emotionally draining being a news anchor. It surely must take a toll on your soul to report day in and day out on the complexities of ISIS, the Iran nuclear deal—and, for one Florida newscaster, the Kardashians. Viewers witnessed John Brown's distress over... More »

Brian Williams Pulls Himself Off Air for 'a Few Days'

'I am presently too much a part of the news'

(Newser) - Don't expect to see Brian Williams in the anchor's chair during the next few editions of NBC Nightly News. Facing a growing number of questions over the accuracy of several stories , Williams has announced, via NBC News , that he's taking a brief hiatus. "In the midst... More »

Bullied News Anchor's Brother? Ron Livingston

Brother calls her 'role model;' critic Kenneth Krause responds

(Newser) - Jennifer Livingston, the Wisconsin news anchor who responded on-air to a viewer who criticized her weight , has a Hollywood actor in her corner: Her brother, Office Space and Sex and the City star Ron Livingston. Ron has issued a statement in support of his sister, Radar reports, noting that she... More »

News Anchor Responds to Viewer Who Called Her Fat

Jennifer Livingston calls it an example of rampant bullying

(Newser) - An anchorwoman at WKBT in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, offered an on-air response today to a viewer who criticized her weight. Sample line from the email, which can be filed under the "smug condescension" category: "I leave you this note hoping that you'll reconsider your responsibility as a local... More »

News Anchor Hates Santa, Ticks Off Parents

Nonbeliever declares 'there is no Santa' during newscast

(Newser) - A news anchor in Chicago got into hot water with parents for an on-air rant against Santa Claus, reports the Huffington Post . After a segment on how to handle kids' Christmas expectations in a lousy economy, Robin Robinson of Fox Chicago told her co-host: "Stop trying to convince your... More »

Andrea Mitchell: I Have Breast Cancer

But MSNBC anchor says her prognosis is 'terrific'

(Newser) - MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell ended her show this afternoon with what she called a "personal note"—announcing that she has breast cancer but that she caught it early and has a "terrific prognosis," reports Mediaite . "I had planned to be hiking in Wyoming last week... More »

Katie Couric Signs Off on CBS

Couric anchors CBS Evening News for last time

(Newser) - Katie Couric, the first woman to be solo anchor of an evening network news show, has officially signed off on her 5-year stint at CBS. Couric's final CBS Evening News broadcast included an interview with Hillary Clinton and a "5 years in 5 minutes" retrospective of her time... More »

CNN Anchor Don Lemon: I'm Gay

Phoenix Suns CEO Rick Welts comes out as well

(Newser) - Don Lemon, CNN's weekend prime-time anchor, is joining a tiny group of media members: those who are openly gay. Lemon, 45, officially comes out in his new book Transparent, though many of his colleagues have long known about his sexual orientation. “I’m scared,” he tells the... More »

Is Jon Stewart the New Edward R. Murrow?

Role in 9/11 health bill points to journalism's greats

(Newser) - By taking up a cause—the 9/11 health bill—and getting quick results, Jon Stewart is following in the footsteps of news greats and "advocacy journalists" Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite, professor of television Robert Thompson tells the New York Times . Murrow helped shift public opinion on the... More »

Candy Crowley: Little Glitz, Big Respect

But can an unflashy host succeed on cable?

(Newser) - The Washington Post checks in on Candy Crowley's short run so far as host of CNN's Sunday morning State of the Union with a flattering profile (she's "beloved in the halls of CNN and roundly respected in official Washington") that nonetheless makes clear her show's long-term success is... More »

CNN's Larry King Retiring

Host's last show will be sometime this fall

(Newser) - Larry King is calling it quits in the fall. The CNN host announced this evening that he will give up his nightly show, which has been struggling in the ratings, after 25 years with the network. "I’ll still be a part of the CNN family, hosting several Larry... More »

Al-Jazeera Anchors Quit Over Makeup and Hair

Women say editor made offensive remarks

(Newser) - Five female broadcast news anchors at al-Jazeera have walked out after complaining that they were harassed by a senior editor who complained about their make-up and their failure to cover their hair. The women—three from Lebanon, one from Syria, and one from Tunisia—say they were the targets of... More »

Campbell Brown Appeals to the Failure in All of Us

CNN anchor earns 'grace' with her frank admission

(Newser) - Meghan Daum happily joins what she calls the "love-a-thon"—or at least the "respect-a-thon"—for Campbell Brown, the CNN anchor who's leaving her 8pm show after admitting her ratings were too low. Brown didn't use the word "fail," but nor did she "couch... More »

Run for Senate, Campbell Brown

CNN anchor should run against Chuck Schumer

(Newser) - Now that Campbell Brown is giving up her CNN gig , what next? Bill Kristol has an idea: Run for the Senate. "Brown is now a free woman, she's a well-spoken and impressive one, she lives in New York, and she has moderate political views," he explains at his... More »

News Anchor's Penis Question Goes Viral

'So she's enjoying penis a little bit more?'

(Newser) - The banter among local news anchors can produce groans, and now we know it's good for a viral video, too. After a segment about a purported sex advance for women, the male anchor at New Orleans' ABC affiliate asks the female reporter, "So she's enjoying penis a little bit... More »

MSNBC Suspends Shuster Over CNN Pilot

Host's contract is up at the end of this year

(Newser) - MSNBC has suspended David Shuster indefinitely, following a report that he had filmed a pilot for CNN. That report broke Friday, and MSNBC said the host would be “punished appropriately.” Now, the network has confirmed for Mediate that he’s off the air, to be replaced in the... More »

This Week Move Risky for ABC, Amanpour

Foreign correspondent is odd fit for DC-centric This Week

(Newser) - Christiane Amanpour isn't an obvious choice to host ABC’s Sunday gabfest This Week, but the network is confident in its choice. ABC says “Interviews and analysis about domestic politics and policies” will remain the show's focus, with the addition of an “international perspective.” Counting on a... More »

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