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Boyle Bumps Obama Presser

(Newser) - Susan Boyle may have lost in the final of Britain's Got Talent, but the Scottish spinster prevailed in an even bigger battle—with Barack Obama. When the White House told TV networks it was scheduling the president's news conference for 9pm Eastern time, NBC refused on the grounds that it... More »

Email Error Reveals Obama Staffers' PR Calculations

Back-and-forth over schedule shows administration's inner workings

(Newser) - A daily email from the White House Press Office outlining President Obama’s schedule accidentally included in-house correspondence among staffers, CNN reports. The error revealed the political calculations that go into the missive—among them deliberations on emphasizing “real people”—homeowners Obama and his economic team would be... More »

First Lady Skeds Were Sanitized

Very little remains in Clinton's calendars for historians, or foes

(Newser) - Schedules from Hillary Clinton’s time as first lady don’t reveal much, Newsweek reports. The mound of documents consists only of her public engagements, rather than her private calendar, meaning many potentially revealing details are left out. The thousands of pages don’t, for example, mention her four-hour Whitewater... More »

3 Stories