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Passport Leaks Traced to 2 Va. Companies

Workers for passport-maker and intel firm breached files

(Newser) - Federal contractors who breached Barack Obama and John McCain passport records worked at to two Virginia companies, MSNBC reports. US passport maker Stanley, Inc. said today that it promptly fired two workers for accessing Obama's records this year. But a worker for The Analysis Corporation is still employed after probing... More »

Clinton, McCain Passport Files Also Breached

Rice apologizes to candidates for State Dept. snoopers

(Newser) - The State Department said today that Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s passport files also have been breached—just hours after Condoleezza Rice apologized to Barack Obama for the same thing, CNN reports. Rice promised a full investigation. “If it's true, it's reprehensible, and the Bush administration has... More »

State Dept. Fires 2 Over Breach of Obama Files

Employees looked at his passport records

(Newser) - The State Department has fired two employees and disciplined a third for taking unauthorized looks at Barack Obama's passport records, NBC News reports. It's not clear what they were trying to do, but their explanations for looking at the files didn't satisfy their bosses. The Obama camp said it smacked... More »

3 Stories