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Amazon Could Owe Parents More Than $70M

Company reaches deal with FTC over in-app purchases

(Newser) - If your child racked up purchases in the Amazon Appstore without your permission between 2011 and 2016, the company might owe you some money. The Federal Trade Commission and Amazon settled on a deal Tuesday in which the company will refund parents whose children made in-app purchases without their consent,... More »

There's Now Only One Person Richer Than Jeff Bezos

He shut down rival's firm, gained $1.5B on same day

(Newser) - founder Jeff Bezos made a fortune on top of his existing fortune Wednesday and finished the day as the second-richest person on the planet. His company's share price surged $9 billion after its purchase of Middle Eastern e-commerce site Souq, adding $1.5 billion to Bezos' personal... More »

5 Best, 5 Worst Company Reputations

Congrats, Amazon

(Newser) - Congrats, Amazon. The company has the best reputation among American consumers, according to 24/7 Wall St. , which lists the companies with the best and worst reputations based on the 2017 Harris Poll and American Customer Satisfaction Index. The top five in each category, with a reputation score out of 100:... More »

Amazon Wants to Be Its Own Deliveryman

Latest investment is $1.5B air cargo hub

(Newser) - Amazon isn't content just being the "everything store." Increasingly, it looks like it wants to be its own deliveryman, too. The company's announcement this week of a new air cargo hub in Kentucky is merely its latest foray into building out its own shipping and logistics... More »

Here's What to Do With All Those Empty Gift Boxes

Give Back Box helps send your unwanted stuff to Goodwill for free

(Newser) - For the record number of Americans who will buy their holiday gifts online this year, here's an idea of how to dispose of all those cardboard boxes. Give Back Box has partnered up with companies to encourage you to refill them with clothes, housewares, or whatever else you'd... More »

Amazon Delivery by Drone Has Begun

First delivery took just 13 minutes from time of order

(Newser) - Amazon has made its first delivery by drone. The inaugural "Amazon Prime Air" delivery took place last week, but was just reported by the company Wednesday. The long-anticipated air delivery took just 13 minutes, CNET reports. Amazon's goal for Prime Air is for deliveries to take 30 minutes... More »

Amazon Worker Sends Email, Leaps From Company Building

Seattle police say it was suicide attempt

(Newser) - An Amazon employee emailed hundreds of fellow Amazonians—including CEO Jeff Bezos—before leaping from a building at company headquarters in Seattle Monday morning. The man survived the jump, which police believe was a suicide attempt. A source tells Bloomberg that the man, one of 20,000 workers in multiple... More »

Amazon's Algorithm May Be Costing You Money

ProPublica says its own products often get preferred rankings

(Newser) - ProPublica has a warning for Amazon shoppers, i.e. pretty much everyone who shops: The results that come up first after a search are often not the best deals. Amazon gives preference to its own products or to companies who pay for its services when it comes to picking... More »

Amazon Is Testing 30-Hour Work Week

Pay will be reduced, but benefits will be full

(Newser) - Amazon is experimenting with a 30-hour work week—but before you get too excited, consider that the employees will only earn 75% of what full-time employees earn. But they will be salaried and will get the same benefits as the 40-hour employees, the Washington Post reports. The pilot program, which... More »

Walmart Drops $3.3B on an Amazon Killer

Acquisition of announced Monday

(Newser) - It's a year-old startup that wasn't yet profitable. Now enters the books as the largest-ever e-commerce startup acquisition. Walmart announced Monday that it would purchase the site for $3.3 billion, with all but $300 million of that in cash; the rest takes the form of... More »

Amazon Prime Members Can Now Get Discounted Student Loans

Wells Fargo is partnering with the website

(Newser) - The latest perk for Amazon Prime members: a discounted interest rate for student loans. Specifically, Amazon is teaming with Wells Fargo to offer the loans; the bank will offer a discount of 0.5% to Amazon Prime Student members. Amazon Prime Student is half the cost of a regular Amazon... More »

Amazon's New Building Will Resemble ... the Amazon

It'll include 40 to 50 trees, plus 'treehouses'

(Newser) - Amazon is revamping its Seattle headquarters, adding several new buildings, including a 524-foot-tall tower with a dog park perched on top, per Silicon Beat . But the pièce de résistance is a skeletal-like structure made up of three conjoined spheres ( Bloomberg likens them to "melted-together Milk Duds"... More »

If You Own an Old Kindle, You Must Update It Now

Here's why

(Newser) - If you've been ignoring Amazon's prodding to update your Kindle, you may want to start paying attention. As Quartz reports, any Kindle purchased before 2012 must be updated by Tuesday, March 22, in order to continue being able to connect to the Internet. If you miss the deadline,... More »

To Curb Warehouse Theft, Amazon Turns on the TV

Stories of those caught highlighted on flat screens at warehouses

(Newser) - Big Brother is on the job at Amazon. And the online retailer, in an effort discourage internal theft, wants workers to know it. To that end, Amazon has installed flat-screen TVs at some of its warehouses for the purpose of sharing the stories of employees who have been caught stealing,... More »

Amazon's Echo May Be 'Next Great Gadget'

Farhad Manjoo compares it to Iron Man's Jarvis

(Newser) - Tech writer Farhad Manjoo has high praise for Amazon's Echo : "Amazon seems on the verge of building something like Iron Man’s Jarvis, the artificial-intelligence brain at the center of all your household activities," he writes in the New York Times . Tech companies have been searching for... More »

Starbucks, Amazon Customers in for Unhappy Changes

Starbucks changes loyalty program, Amazon changes free shipping

(Newser) - Both Starbucks and Amazon are in the news for recent changes—and not necessarily good ones:
  • Starbucks is changing its rewards program in a fashion that hurts people who don't spend much per visit. Right now, loyalty program members earn a free food item or beverage after earning 12
... More »

Bookstore-Slayer Amazon Plans 400 ... Bookstores?

It could become country's second-biggest chain

(Newser) - Amazon is reportedly planning to become one of those things that thrived before the rise of Amazon: a chain of bookstores. Sandeep Mathrani, CEO of mall company General Growth Properties, spilled the beans on Tuesday when the Wall Street Journal asked him about developments in the mall business. "You'... More »

'Netflix for Books' Calls It Quits

Oyster team is joining Google instead

(Newser) - A service billed as a Netflix for books is calling it quits after failing to attract enough voracious readers willing to pay $9.95 a month for access to 1 million books. Oyster, which launched in 2013, announced in a blog post that it's going to "sunset" the... More »

Hulu Now Offers Commercial-Free Option

For $12 a month

(Newser) - Until today, Hulu's streaming content featured commercials—even if you were a paying subscriber. But as of today, the company announced, you can pay $12 a month for an ad-free version of the streaming service. The move is intended to help Hulu better compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime,... More »

Amazon's Founder Made $7B in 45 Minutes Yesterday

Stock surge makes Bezos 5th-richest person in world

(Newser) - Jeff Bezos is having a pretty good month, even by the standards of stratospherically wealthy tech tycoons. Last night, just days after the founder celebrated the company's 20th anniversary, he made $7 billion in under 45 minutes as the company's share price soared in after-hours trading,... More »

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