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Tesla CEO: We'll Investigate $5 an Hour Labor Claims

Newspaper says foreign workers were brought in on the cheap

(Newser) - An article in Sunday's San Jose Mercury News exposed a troubling narrative about Tesla's plant in Fremont, Calif., claiming that about 140 workers from Eastern Europe were imported by a subcontractor to build a paint shop for the Model 3 sedan—for $5 an hour. Per the Guardian ... More »

Foreign Workers Held in Iraq

Contractor kept 1,000 Asian laborers 3 months in warehouses

(Newser) - About 1,000 foreign workers brought to Iraq with the promise of lucrative jobs have been living for 3 months in Baghdad warehouses under poor sanitary conditions and in possible violation of US military rules, McClatchy reports. A Kuwaiti company that subcontracts with KBR, formerly Haliburton, brought the men from... More »

Iraqis Charge Sex Abuse at British Embassy

Three say KBR contractors routinely harass, grope workers

(Newser) - Three staff at the British embassy in Baghdad are sexually harassed, bullied, and abused, say three Iraqi ex-employees. A female cleaner and two male cooks detail a brutal work culture overseen by American contractors, according to testimony taken by the embassy and obtained by the Times of London. The cleaner... More »

New Fear for Katrina Victims: Collectors

Company claims it overpaid on some rebuilding grants

(Newser) - A contractor responsible for doling out federal rebuilding money to Katrina victims is seeking another company to collect what may amount to hundreds of millions of dollars from Katrina victims. ICF International claims it overpaid some applicants in a rush to get $11 billion out the door; meanwhile, a third... More »

Passport Leaks Traced to 2 Va. Companies

Workers for passport-maker and intel firm breached files

(Newser) - Federal contractors who breached Barack Obama and John McCain passport records worked at to two Virginia companies, MSNBC reports. US passport maker Stanley, Inc. said today that it promptly fired two workers for accessing Obama's records this year. But a worker for The Analysis Corporation is still employed after probing... More »

5 Stories