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How the Opposition Can Oust Mugabe

Tsvangirai has the tools to eliminate presidency: scholar

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe has been sworn in for a sixth term as Zimbabwe's president—but this time, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change commands a majority in the country's parliament. That split offers the best hope of deposing Mugabe, writes Mark Y. Rosenberg in the New York Times. The best way... More »

Bhutan to Measure Happiness

Tiny nation calculates its Gross National Happiness

(Newser) - The king of Bhutan decided 20 years ago to start measuring his people's well-being—dubbed Gross National Happiness—but he never quite figured out how to quantify the national mood. With the Bhutan's first democratic election on Monday, and modernization transforming the long-isolated country, a commission has been charged with... More »

2 Stories