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Why Your Next Easter Basket May Be Light on Peeps

Just Born confectionary workers have gone on strike during busy holiday push

(Newser) - Valentine's Day and Easter may feel ages away, but for workers on the Peeps assembly line, those celebrations are right around the corner—and that's why the strike they started Wednesday comes at an especially inconvenient time, CNBC reports. Per , about 400 workers from the Just... More »

Peeps Fans Sweet on Easter

Devoted fans hatch odd films, microwave jousting, and diorama contests

(Newser) - Brightly colored, sticky-sweet marshmallow Peeps have spawned a cult following unparalleled in the candy world. Aficionados of the line of Easter treats—ranging from sun-yellow chicks to bunnies and tulips—have created bizarre videos, Internet fan sites, diorama contests, and a microwave jousting game, the Palm Beach Post reports. More »

2 Stories