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He Lost His Twin 'to the Sea.' It Wasn't Going to Happen Again

Captain dives into frigid Alaska waters to rescue crew member after boat capsizes

(Newser) - Coast Guard members aboard a helicopter and Good Samaritans on a nearby vessel watched in amazement as the captain of a fishing boat dove into frigid Alaska waters this week to pull off a risky rescue. Per the Alaska Dispatch News , water started flooding the Grayling, a commercial fishing boat... More »

Alaska Coast Guard Searching for 6 From Missing Crab Boat

It vanished in choppy seas Saturday

(Newser) - The Coast Guard is searching the Bering Sea and people on the tiny Alaskan island of St. George are searching the shore for any sign of six crew members from a missing crab boat. The 95-foot F/V Destination was on its way to begin fishing for snow crab when an... More »

Russia Fires Warning Shots at Turk Fishing Boat

Destroyer was trying to avoid a collision, says defense ministry

(Newser) - A Russian destroyer fired warning shots at a Turkish fishing boat Sunday in the latest tensions between the two nations, reports Reuters . Russia's Defense Ministry says its warship, the Smetlivy, was just trying to avoid a collision with the unnamed vessel after repeated attempts to warn it over the... More »

'Ghost Ships' With Corpses Keep Turning Up Near Japan

Authorities think they're from North Korea

(Newser) - Over the past two months, the Japanese coast guard has been towing in gruesome finds off its western shores: fishing boats filled with nets, hooks, and, in some of the boats, decomposing corpses, NBC News reports. A total of between 20 to 25 bodies on 11 vessels (the latest boat... More »

Wave Flips Fishing Boat, Kills 4 Off Sonoma

Boat overturns amid conditions reported as 'fairly decent'

(Newser) - A crabbing trip went horribly awry yesterday morning off the coast of California's Sonoma County, when a wave hit a fishing boat upon its return to Bodega Bay, flipping it over and killing four of those aboard. As the LA Times reports, a sheriff's helicopter plucked the lone... More »

Gunmen Steal $11.5M in Gold From Fishing Boat

Curacao police say robbers posed as customs officials

(Newser) - Here's a fishy one: Police on the Caribbean island of Curacao say they are investigating after armed men robbed a fishing boat of $11.5 million in gold bars on Friday, the AP reports. The alleged robbers wore police jackets and told the boat's crew they were customs... More »

Tsunami 'Ghost Ship' Spotted Off Coast

Canada monitors squid-fishing boat for marine pollution

(Newser) - Canadian air patrol has spotted an empty Japanese squid-fishing boat drifting across the Pacific and heading for land. Beat-up and likely worthless, the 150-foot ship is part of 20 million tons of tsunami debris floating toward US and Canadian shores—so Canadian authorities may just leave it alone, the Vancouver ... More »

S. Korean Ship Burning Off Antarctica

3 killed, 37 rescued after fire sweeps through fishing vessel

(Newser) - Three crew members were killed and several others severely burned when a fire swept through the living quarters of a South Korean fishing boat near Antarctica. The Jung Woo 2's sister ship managed to save 37 crew members from the stricken vessel, which is still burning and appears to... More »

22 Feared Dead as Fishing Boat Sinks Off Antarctica

20 Saved from South Korea vessel

(Newser) - A South Korean fishing vessel has sunk off the coast of Antarctica, with at least 22 men feared dead. Rescuers saved 20 and recovered 5 bodies, but held out no hope for the missing. Hypothermia sets in after some 10 minutes in the frigid waters, notes AP. It wasn't clear... More »

China-Japan Sea 'Collision' Hits YouTube

Video could heighten tension over September incident

(Newser) - Video of a September maritime crash that has made political waves appeared on YouTube today, potentially escalating tensions between China and Japan, AFP reports. The video shows what appears to be the Chinese fishing boat at the heart of the conflict sailing, then changing course and hitting a Japanese vessel.... More »

China Needs to Grow Up, US Needs to Wise Up

The story of rare earth minerals has many lessons, writes Paul Krugman

(Newser) - When Japan detained a Chinese fishing boat captain whose vessel had collided with two of its Coast Guard ships, China cut off its access to rare earths, the essential minerals on which China has a near-monopoly. For Paul Krugman, this highlights two concerns: First, that the US let “unreliable”... More »

Japan Will Release Chinese Boat Captain

(Newser) - The biggest Sino-Japanese row in years looks to be coming to an end. Japan will release Chinese fishing boat captain Zhan Qixiong after two weeks in detention, the BBC reports. Zhan was detained by Japanese authorities on suspicion of ramming two patrol vessels near disputed islands in the East China... More »

Giant Jellyfish Sink Trawler

Net filled with 400-pound creatures capsizes boat

(Newser) - A 10-ton fishing trawler sank off the coast of Japan after its crew tried to haul in a net filled with gigantic jellyfish. The three crew members were pitched into the water as the ship capsized and were rescued by another boat, the Telegraph reports. Nomura's jellyfish can weigh up... More »

Feds Seize Yet Another Madoff Boat

$430K Long Island vessel will be sold to aid victims

(Newser) - After nabbing a yacht and a motorboat and seizing his Florida mansion, feds have taken a third vessel belonging to Bernie Madoff: a fancy fishing boat found off Long Island, the New York Daily News reports. The 38-foot boat, bought for $430,812 in 2003, is named Sitting Bull, in... More »

Anchor Problems Capsized NFL Players' Boat

(Newser) - The fishing boat that capsized earlier this month leaving three football players presumed dead was improperly anchored, the AP reports. After interviewing the lone survivor, a Florida agency has determined that when the passengers attempted to free the anchor by gunning the boat’s motor, the craft was swamped and... More »

No Distress Signal From Missing NFLers: Coast Guard

Lion, Raider were fishing off Gulf Coast

(Newser) - The Coast Guard got no distress signal from a missing fishing boat carrying NFL players Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith and two friends off Florida's Gulf Coast, the AP reports. “That's not to say they didn't send one out," said an official. "We didn't receive anything”—... More »

Trawler Dumps Endangered Fish, Sparking Eco-Outrage

Vessel jettisoned 80% of its catch to comply with EU rules

(Newser) - Film of a British trawler dumping 10,000 pounds of dead fish caught in Norwegian waters back into the sea has outraged Norway as well as environmentalists, the Guardian reports. The boat dumped nearly 80% of its catch, including cod and other endangered fish, to comply with EU quotas. Conservationists... More »

Ballooning Gas Costs Fuel Mass Protests in Europe

Hefty taxes double the pump price in US

(Newser) - Skyrocketing fuel prices are hitting Americans hard, but drivers across the Atlantic are shelling out twice as much, Time reports. Europeans pay an average of $8.70 for a gallon of gas, and the hefty price hikes this year are leading to protests that threaten to shut down cities, ports,... More »

Spain Speeds to Save Pirate Hostages

Fishing boat is latest target of Somali brigands

(Newser) - A Spanish naval frigate is steaming to the waters off Somalia to rescue crew members of a tuna boat seized by pirates, reports the BBC. The boat was grabbed just days after French commandos freed hostages from a luxury yacht comandeered by Somali pirates. The tuna boat's 26 crew members... More »

4 Dead After Boat Starts Sinking Off Alaska

Fishing vessel doomed by high waves off Alaska coast

(Newser) - Four crew members of a Seattle-based fishing boat died today after the vessel sank amidst high seas off the Alaska coast, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. Officials rescued 42 members, but a search continues for one missing staffer, according to the AP. The boat began sinking shortly before 3 a.m.... More »

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