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Colombia, FARC Sign Historic Peace Deal

Thousands cheer

(Newser) - Colombia's government and the country's largest rebel movement signed a historic peace accord Monday evening ending a half-century of combat that caused more than 220,000 deaths and made 8 million homeless, the AP reports. Underlining the importance of the deal, President Juan Manuel Santos and Rodrigo Londono,... More »

Ukraine Peacekeepers Would 'Destroy' Truce: Russia

Ambassador accuses Ukrainian president of calling for UN assistance

(Newser) - In an unraveling ceasefire with Russia-backed separatists, Ukraine lost the city of Debaltseve yesterday; the BBC also reports that shelling picked up in the rebel-held city of Donetsk, and that separatists have been conducting mortar attacks in the town of Shirokyne. So it's perhaps not surprising that Ukrainian President... More »

South Sudan Makes Peace Deal With Rebels

President Salva Kiir agrees to peace after 5 months of fighting

(Newser) - Finally, peace in South Sudan? President Salva Kiir agreed to a peace deal today with rebel leader Riek Machar after five months of fighting, thousands killed, and a million forced to flee their homes, the BBC reports. Signed in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, the deal includes drafting a... More »

Karzai Skirted West to Secretly Deal With Taliban

But officials say no peace deal with Taliban is forthcoming

(Newser) - The latest strain on the tenuous US-Afghanistan relationship: Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been secretly negotiating with the Taliban. With no Western involvement, Karzai has been trying to hash out a peace agreement, which, officials say, explains a lot of his recent inexplicable and vexing actions (see: refusing to sign... More »

Tzipi Livni Forms Party for Next Israel Elections

Former foreign minister emphasizes peace efforts

(Newser) - On the heels of Ehud Barak's stunning resignation , a familiar face is re-entering Israel's political fray. Former foreign minister Tzipi Livni is forming a new party, dubbed the Movement, to give voice to "people who do not have anyone to vote for," the BBC reports. Her... More »

White House Squabbles Cost Us in Afghanistan

Key adviser trampled by opponents within administration

(Newser) - A new book gives an in-depth look at the Obama White House as officials made momentous choices about the war in Afghanistan—and author Rajiv Chandrasekaran sees some major missteps. Among them: Despite former top Afghanistan adviser Richard Holbrooke's expertise on ending wars—he played a role in peace... More »

Time to Talk Mideast Truce, Not Peace

Separation barrier has killed hopes for Clinton-era deal

(Newser) - President Obama's early efforts have failed, and a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians now looks as distant as ever, writes Roger Cohen. It was a mistake to think the land-for-peace talks of 2000 could simply be revived despite the violence, expansion of settlements, and Israel's construction of... More »

Pakistan Launches Strikes Against Taliban

Militant presence in Buner violates peace agreement, says military

(Newser) - Pakistan has deployed troops and begun airstrikes against suspected Taliban sites in the Buner district, uncomfortably close to the capital. A military spokesman said some 500 militants are in the district, just over 60 miles from Islamabad, violating a peace agreement, the BBC reports. Meanwhile, tens of thousands have fled... More »

Taliban Leaves Key Pakistan District

Move comes amid peace deal in some areas

(Newser) - A Taliban commander withdrew his troops today from a Pakistani district where their activity was fueling US concern, Reuters reports. “Our leader has ordered that Taliban should immediately be called back from Buner,” a spokesman said of the area, which lies just 60 miles from the capital, Islamabad.... More »

Pakistan, Taliban Call Indefinite Truce

Militants agree to extend ceasefire in Swat valley

(Newser) - Taliban militants and Pakistani officials have agreed to an indefinite ceasefire in the country's troubled Swat valley, Reuters reports. The agreement extends an earlier 10-day truce in which the Taliban agreed to lay down their arms in return for Islamic sharia law being enforced in the area. Militants in the... More »

Pakistan Peace Deal Imposes Sharia Law

Agreement creates new 'order of justice' for Swat region

(Newser) - A peace deal between Pakistan and the Taliban will bring the country's troubled Swat valley under Islamic Sharia law, the BBC reports. The agreement "was reached after realization that it was the demand of the people," a regional official says. Since a violent Taliban campaign to impose Sharia... More »

Bush Won't See Mideast Deal During Term

In region, Rice aims to keep process on track for Obama's team

(Newser) - Israel and the Palestinians won’t likely reach a peace agreement by the 2009 deadline set at the Annapolis negotiations a year ago, the White House said today. The Bush administration began to question the feasibility of the deadline when a corruption scandal ousted PM Ehud Olmert and set the... More »

Russia Pulls Troops Out of Georgian Port

Withdrawal follows terms of EU-backed deal

(Newser) - Russia is withdrawing troops and vehicles from the Georgian port of Poti and other undisputed areas of the country in accordance with an EU-brokered ceasefire plan, the BBC reports. Trucks left Russian bases established in August, headed toward the breakaway Abkhazia region; troops are likely to remain there and in... More »

Iraq Security Deal Has US Troops Out of Cities By July

Legal immunity remains sticking point in pact yet to be approved by either side

(Newser) - Negotiators for the US and Iraq have completed a draft security agreement that plans to have US forces out of Iraqi cities by June 30, and out of the country completely by the end of 2011, the AP reports. Negotiators also reached accord on the contentious issue of legal immunity... More »

Russia Pledges to Start Georgia Pullout Tomorrow

Forces said to occupy villages, major highway and power plant

(Newser) - Dimitry Medvedev said today he'll start pulling troops out of Georgia tomorrow, but has no plans to withdraw from the separatist stronghold of South Ossetia, the BBC reports. The Russian president made the pledge after a phone conversation with Nicolas Sarkozy, who had brokered a ceasefire Friday. Despite signing the... More »

Peace Deal Opened Door to Russian Advance

Russian 'peacekeepers' given wide latitude in new pact

(Newser) - A Russian convoy was headed deeper into Georgia within hours of a new peace deal thanks to a big loophole in the agreement, Andrew E. Kramer writes in the New York Times. The deal brokered by French President Nicolas Sarkozy allows Russian peacekeepers to implement unspecified "additional security measures,... More »

Olmert Move Clouds Future of Peace Deal

Bush efforts to broker Israel-Palestine accord may be dead

(Newser) - State Department officials are putting on a brave face in the wake of Ehud Olmert's resignation announcement, saying that the departure of Israel's PM will not forestall a peace agreement. But as the New York Times reports, most Middle East observers believe that Olmert's move signals the end of the... More »

South Africa Offers Zimbabwe Truce Proposal

Opposition welcomes plan ceding real power to Tsvangirai as PM

(Newser) - South African president Thabo Mbeki has proposed a compromise in Zimbabwe’s political crisis: Let Robert Mugabe remain president in name, but hand power to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as temporary prime minister, the Guardian reports. Members of opposition party Movement for Democratic Change were said to be largely satisfied... More »

Hamas Pitches Deal for Gaza 'Calm'

Offer to Israel, through Egypt, also provides for eventual truce in West Bank

(Newser) - Meeting with Egyptian authorities, Hamas leaders today proposed a truce with Israel in the Gaza Strip and, eventually, the West Bank, Reuters reports. A Palestinian source said the group agreed to "a calm” in Gaza and, after a “specified period,” in the West Bank. The deal, supported... More »

Hamas Would Accept Peace With Israel: Carter

Militant faction would follow Abbas-led deal if put to vote

(Newser) - Hamas would accept a peace deal brokered by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas if  Palestinian voters favored the agreement, Jimmy Carter said after talks with a Hamas leader in Damascus. "There's no doubt that both the Arab world and the Palestinians, including Hamas, will accept Israel's right to live in... More »

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